Charles Vane

Picture of Charles Vane

Age: 41

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Excellent navigator

Wayne Clash with Rogers

On the early years of the pirate career of Charles Wayne there are various assumptions, some researchers suggest that Wayne with Henry Jennings and other pirate captains robbing a Spanish expedition occupies a rise of money and jewelry from the sunk during a storm in 1715 the Silver fleet galleons.

The first official mention occurs in connection with an attempt Woods Rogers, appointed by King George I the governor of the Bahamas. Rogers with a squadron of warships carrying the Royal Proclamation of Piracy Prohibition, and the main objective was the destruction of piracy in the English colonies, in particular in the Bahamas.

Following complaints of looting of some captains Charles Wayne Rogers with a squadron going to the Bahamas, offered to surrender to the pirates. What Wayne said bold letter in which he rejected the offer of amnesty. Rogers immediately blocked the way out of the bay, where the ships were Wayne. Captain Pirate night blew up French prize and a small sloop came out of the bay and disappeared.

Yeats and Teach

A few days after his escape from New Providence Wayne captured sloop, assigned to Barbados and transplanted him twenty-five men, led by Yeats. After a series of robberies and captures the British and Spanish ships pirate ships made it to South Carolina.

As Wayne Yeats treated with disdain, constantly emphasizing their superiority, Yeats decided to leave and get a royal amnesty. Yitsya The idea was a success, and he disappeared into the North Edisto River estuary, and a few days later received a royal pardon, the sloop returned to the rightful owner. Wayne for some time expected Yitsya come out of the mouth, but after the governor sent an punitive expedition, went north to the Bay Ocracoke. Here the team of Edward Teach, nicknamed Blackbeard Wayne and the team rolled grandiose booze after the meeting.

Wayne deposed

After the meeting, Charles Wayne pirates moved further north. In late November, near Long Island, the pirates met a French ship. After the pirates raised the black flag and gave a broadside, they found that a French warship. Wayne was going to leave, but some of the pirates, including John Rackham was quartermaster, he was in favor of boarding. But Wayne used the right of veto, which had a Captain in exceptional cases, at the time of the battle or the chase, and ordered to leave.

The next day, the pirates gathered a council, and cowardice Wayne was deposed. He gave a small sloop, weapons and food. With former captain of the pirates drove all those who voted against the boarding.

Like Robinson

Charles Wayne on the sloop returned to the Jamaican coast. Here he was able to grab a few ships and dial of these new team. As a result of looting continued. But near the island BONAC corsairs were in a terrible storm, the ships were broken, almost all the robbers drowned, and Wayne narrowly escaped, having got on a desert island near the Gulf of Honduras. He managed to survive by helping local fishermen, who came to the island to catch turtles.

Once on the island the water came a ship from Jamaica. Captain Holford it was in the past, filibuster, who knew Wayne. Despite requests Holford refused pirate, because he feared that Wayne will raise the sailors to mutiny. After some time, Wayne was able to get a sailor to another ship coming to the island for the water. It turned out that the captain of the ship, where the former pirate got familiar with Holford and they met, decided to have a dinner together. Learning among the sailors Charles Wayne Halford told his friend the truth about his pirate adventures and offered his arrest.

As a result, Holford brought Wayne to Jamaica. March 22, 1720 sostoyaslya Court, Wayne was convicted of piracy and robbery at sea, and on March 29 has been executed. His body drenched resin and wrapped with chains, was posted on a small island Gun Cay.