Charles Julius Guiteau

Picture of Charles Julius Guiteau

Date of Birth: 09/08/1841

Age: 40

Birthplace: Freeport

Citizenship: United States

Fear `become neudachnikom`

Charles Julius Guiteau (Charles Julius Guiteau) was born in 1841 in Freeport, Illinois, USA (Freeport, Illinois, US). In 1850 he and his family was in the state of Wisconsin (Ulao, Wisconsin), where he lived until 1855 th. So, after the death of my mother`s father with the children returned to Freeport. Since childhood, Charles suffered from an inferiority complex - he stammered, and, besides, he had a huge fear of becoming `neudachnikom`. So, he simply could not afford to be `nikem`, but because the goal Charles has set itself very broad - to become president of the United States, and after - and the ruler of the world. Of course, normal Charles was highly conditional. He had never been able to learn, and he failed in the exams one by one, and then enthusiastically joined a religious sect. It is known that a truly religious man he never was, it was just another opportunity for its affirmation. However, and here Guiteau not last long and once again began to look for `sebya`. He tried to open the company, tried to publish a newspaper, and even napisalknigu theology, which also somehow got carried away, but `deserved slava` all did not come.

Soon, Charles, has finally found a `svoe` - policy. Thus, it is almost unerringly found opportunities policy as a means to achieve a high social standing. So, he began to actively participate in the election of James A. Garfield (James A. Garfield). It is noteworthy that at first he was not prepared `less enthusiastic to promote the candidacy of Ulysses S. Grant (Ulysses S. Grant), which initially seemed to him the most likely winner. However, when run nevertheless became Garfield, Charles is not too displeased by his miss and campaign speeches all lisch replaced on the name of `` Grant` Garfild`. However, it it really did not come in handy, and was delivered a couple of times. It was enough to ensure that, when Garfield was elected president, Guiteau rightfully expect from the new president deserved gratitude, which would be expressed in any major government positions. He chastohodil to the White House, insisting on its usefulness, and soon the guards stopped just let him. So, `neblagodarnyy` President Charles chose to ignore, and then he decided to punish him. Believing that a man who is so vile treats `the people who made it kareru`, he immediately issued and the verdict - death.

Guiteau bought a revolver and began to follow the president - it should be noted that the president quite openly move around the city, often without protection.

July 2, 1881 at the railway station `Potomak` and Baltimore (Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station), when President Garfield was just about to board the train, Guiteau approached him from behind and shot twice in the back.

September 19, after a long struggle with the infection occurred, US President James Garfield died.

Estetsvenno, the main point of protection at the court of Charles was insanity, but it did not help him - an accusation is quite easy to prove that Guiteau was completely out of his mind in the usual sense of the word. Medical examination showed that the main problem was Guiteau `exaggerated sense of painful egoizma`.

Thus, the criminal sentence has become, as expected, the death penalty; the verdict was read 25 January 1882. By the way, Guiteau then drove himself in court disgusting - dumped stream of curses at the jury.

Charles J.. Guiteau was executed on 30 June 1882 by hanging. It is noteworthy that he waited a long time penalty - more than six months, and it was a record waiting period among other criminals who, as Guiteau, attempted ever US presidents (there were four). All appeals were rejected Guiteau.

By the scaffold he walked ernichaya, dancing and grimacing, even at such a moment Guiteau was unable to hide the joy from the fact that he found himself in the limelight. The offender`s last wish was the request to read his own poem titled `I am Going to the Lordy`. By the way, at first he was trying to book the orchestra, not to recite, but to sing his poems, but in the orchestra Guiteau was denied.