Chang And Eng Bunker

Picture of Chang And Eng Bunker

Date of Birth: 05/11/1811

Age: 62

Place of birth: Siam

Citizenship: Thailand

Two of Siam

Born Chang and Eng Bunker (Chang and Eng Bunker) in 1811 in Siam, now Thailand is (Siam, now Thailand). Their father was a fisherman, he was the Thai, my mother was a Chinese woman with Malaysian impurity. When unusual baby was born, it has done dismay - the boys have grown together in the area of ??the chest. There are stories that the local immediately decided that the way God sent people to curse and were very afraid Bunker kids, and it was even decided to kill both of them, but my mother flatly refused, and soon the boy was given mercy.

They were named Chang and Eng, and in 1829 they were part of the show Britain`s Robert Hunter (Robert Hunter), who drove unusual twins around the world, earning money on them. Later, when the contract ended, Bunker brothers continued to speak, already working on themselves. They are known as Siamese twins, and it is this name later became common to all conjoined twins, although, in fact, it is only suitable to the Bunker.

So, during his show brothers stripped to the waist, showing viewers how they have grown together. They also answered questions, and eventually learned the amusement of the audience on several acrobatics.

In kakoy-to moment they realized that tired to show themselves, and koe-kakie storage they already had, and Bankers have settled in North Carolina (Wilkesboro, North Carolina) - they bought land and slaves and plantation owners began to work. Plantation simply called them - `Bunker`. They wanted a normal everyday life, and in 1843 the two brothers married, fiancee they were two sisters - Adelaide Yates (Adelaide Yates), who became the wife of Chang and Sarah Yates (Sarah Anne Yates), gave his hand and heart Ang. They said that their master bedroom in the town Trephill (Traphill) was equipped with a bed for four. Soon, the two sisters became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter, a year later, both gave birth again. Pozdneeim had to move to a roomier house in Mount Airy (Mount Airy, North Carolina).

We know that family life is not the four of us proceeded smoothly - and the sisters and the brothers often quarreled. Chang found himself a lover of drink, while Ang alcohol did not like, but addicted to poker. The decision, which they later found was as absurd as it is the only right one. So they divided the farm and lived for three days on each half - three days with his wife Chang, then the same family Ang. And in these three days one of them as it did not exist at all, fully obeying the will of the owner of the house. Their family, by the way, all the while growing - for two they eventually came 21 children, 10 of which gave birth to the wife of Chang and 11 - wife Ang.

After the Civil War, during which the Bunker brothers lost a lot of property, it again had to return to the show - a large family needed money. But this time the little success they had - were Bankers no longer young, and they could not get interested in a capricious public. The last couple of years of life, they constantly quarreled, especially violent and absurd has always Chang. When in despair brothers appealed to the surgeons, they were denied surgery because of the extremely high risk. By the way, today divided Chang and Ang did not present to physicians committed any difficulty - both brothers were able to get their own lives, but in the 19th century medicine, alas, has not been as strong.

Chang and Eng Bunker died in the same day, it happened in January 1874. So, the night of January, 17th at Chang suffered a stroke, and when Ang woke up this morning, I found him dead. It was believed that at the time Ang was perfectly healthy, but he, too, died in three hours.

They remember how the Twins from Siam, or Siamese twins, and this name there is an even today - so many call the conjoined twins.