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The short career of the American contralto

The American soprano, alto and mezzo- soprano,error status: 400and his mother was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois (Springfield, Illinois). On the early period of her life very little is known, except that only the fact that she studied with the Italian composer and vocal coach Arturo Buzzi - Pecci (Arturo Buzzi-Peccia). There are still photos with patriotic event, where Cecil sings on the steps of the NewYork`s Federal Hall (Federal Hall) during the First World War - perhaps it was already after Arden joined the Metropolitan Opera troupe (Metropolitan Opera).

In October 1917, Arden was among the nearly three dozen artists ,who had to act `Friday Morning Musicals` at the ` New York Biltmore Hotel` from November to January 1918. Cecil Arden professional debut at the MET was held January 12, 1918. She sang La Vanaras party (La Vanard) in the American premiere of the lyric opera ` Lodoletta` (Lodoletta) Pietro Mascagni (Pietro Mascagni) with Geraldine Farrar (Geraldine Farrar) and Enrico Caruso (Enrico Caruso). Arden MET remained for eight seasons, playing mostly minor party,and he devoted the remainder of his career touring concert tours in America (America) and in Europe (Europe). Alas, came the Great Depression made such risky companies in terms of finance, and on this career ended in Arden.

Military Arden years spent with his mother in New York ,and then she married an Italian by the name of Ardito Tivoli (Ardito Tivoli) and moved to Rome (Rome), where she lived for 15 years. After her husband died in the late `60s, she returned to the United States (United States) and settled first in Wisconsin (Wisconsin), and then in Seattle, Washington (Seattle, Washington).Cecil Arden died on September 4, 1989, appear to be in Seattle.

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Cecil Arden picture
Cecil Arden photo
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