Cayetano Santos Godino

Picture of Cayetano Santos Godino

Date of Birth: 10/31/1896

Age: 48

Place of birth: Buenos Aires

Citizenship: Argentina

The first serial killer in the history of Argentina

Godino was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; He was one of eight sons Fiore Godino (Fiore Godino) and Lucia Ruffo (Lucia Ruffo). Cayetano parents drank a lot and regularly disrupted a bad mood on the children; Fiore, in addition, even before the conception of the son picked up syphilis - is also strongly affected the health Cayetano.

Aggressive Godino differed from childhood; Then, however, he preferred to kill cats and birds. At the same time in Cayetano woke up and inclinations arsonist. Cruel and absolutely not interested in learning the boy regularly expelled from schools.

In seven years Godinho attacked two years Miguel de Paoli (Miguel de Paoli); beating the kid, Cayetano threw him into a ditch. It noted the representative of local authorities; juvenile bully and the victim was taken to the police station. A year Godino napalesche on a neighbor`s child, Ana Neri (Ana Neri); police intervened again - however, no sanctions did not apply to such a young offender. The first really serious term Cayetano was only 10 years old - mother discovered that her son spends an incredible amount of time on masturbation. Lucia got in touch with the police; Godino those sent to prison for a couple of months.

January 17, 1912 of Godino set fire to a warehouse on Corrientes Street (Corrientes Street); He later confessed to police that he wanted to look at the work of fire - especially Man interested in possible accidents during fire.

January 26 th 1912 in the abandoned city of 13-year-old Arturo Laurony body was found (Arturo Laurona). A few months later Godino set fire to five years Dress Vaynikoff Reina (Reyna Vainicoff) -from his injuries the girl died.

November 8 Cayetano tried to strangle the 8-year-old Roberto Russo (Roberto Russo). For the attempted murder Godino was arrested; Again, however, he was released before the trial. For the rest of the month man was attacked by another two children and set fire to two barns.

December 3, 1912 th Godino lured some Hesualdo Giordano (Jesualdo Giordano) in a suburban house. There Cayetano tried to suffocate the baby with his belt; fortunately succeed in this he failed. Cutting my belt, Godino tied his victim`s hands and feet and began beating him. After some time, Caetano left the house, got hold of the nail and went back; he hammered a nail into the skull Hesualdo. In the process of searching for the murder weapon Godinho met Giordano, Sr.: he unsuccessfully sought a son. The killer calmly talked with his father Hesualdo and continued his search.

Of course, the body of the murdered Caetano hid; father, however, quickly found the remains of his son. Killer arrested when he returned to the scene of the crime; he was forced to confess to the crime.

January 4, 1913 Godino arrived at correctional center - and almost immediately tried to kill several of his cellmates. The subsequent examination found him insane; Nevertheless, the rest of the life of a murderer spent in prison. The aggressiveness of his, he did not die - because, in 1933, Cayetano brutally killed two prison cats (for which he was at least severely beaten by other prisoners). His health is poor - with 1935 Godinho suffered almost continuously. Serial killer died on 15 November 1944, under rather strange circumstances.