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American writer.

Catherine Asaro was born in Oakland, California and grew up in El Cerrito, Located just north of Berkeley. At Harvard University,she received a doctorate in chemical physics and a master`s degree in Physics and the University of California in Los Angeles with the highest honors bachelor of chemistry has become. Catherine was engaged in research in the University of Toronto in Canada, the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Germany and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. In his studies, she used the quantum theory to describe the behavior of atoms and molecules. Prior to 1990, Catherine has taught physics, and later founded his own company "Molecudyne Research", which is now, and controls. And besides, Catherine - a former ballet dancer,has performed in the ballet and musicals, performed on tour on both US coasts and in Ohio. In the 1980s it was both a soloist and artistic director of "Mainly Jazz Dancers" and "Harvard University Ballet". After she graduated from his studies, Students continued to engage in "Mainly Jazz" and even made it official college club.Catherine still teaches the art of ballet in "Caryl Maxwell Classical Ballet".

Critics point out that Katherine works are a successful blend of hard science fiction, romance, and exciting space adventure. She has published nine novels, seven of which relate to its "Saga of the Skolian Empire" ("Skolianskaya Empire").AST and "Ermak" published in the "Golden Library Fiction" book Catherine Asaro (Catherine Asaro, 1955 -), composed of the first two novels of this cycle - "Inversion primer" ("Primary Inversion", 1995 ; nominated for "Compton Crook / Stephen Tall Memorial Award "-1996 and " Locus "-1996 (10th place) , translated by N.Kudryashov) and " tame lightning " ("Catch the Lightning", in 1996, was awarded the "Sapphire Award" -1998; translation Bushueva A. and T. Bushuyeva) . Apart from these he is treated novels "The Last Hawk" (1997, nominated for " Nebula " -1999)

"The Radiant Seas" (1998, nominated for "HOMer Award" -2000), "Ascendant Sun" (2000) , "The Quantum Rose" (2000 ;awarded "Nebula" -2002; nominated for "Sapphire Award" -2000 (3rd place) ), "Spherical Harmonic" (2001) , "The Moon`s Shadow" (2003) and "Skyfall" (2003).

"The Radiant Seas" - a direct continuation of "Primary Inversion".

The action "Catch the Lightning" develops after "The Radiant Seas".In "The Last Hawk" events occur at the same time as described in the "Primary Inversion" and "The Radiant Seas", but on an isolated planet away from the main action. Those interested can take a look at the chronology of events, described in the novels of the cycle - "Timeline for the Tales from the Ruby Dynasty".Among the other works of the writer may be noted the novel "The Veiled Web" (1999 ; awarded the "HOMer Award" -2000; nominated for "Sapphire Award" -2001 (2nd place)), novel "Aurora in Four Voices" (1998 ; awarded the "HOMer Award" -1999, "Sapphire Award" -2000 and "Analog Analytical Laboratory" -1999; nominated for "Hugo" -1999, "Nebula" -Locus- 1999 and 1999 (6th place) ) and "A Roll of the Dice" (1999 ; awarded the "Analog Analytical Laboratory" -2001 and "HOMer Award" -2001; nominated for "Hugo" -2001, "Sapphire Award" - 2001 (2nd place) and "Nebula" -2002), as well as the stories of "Ave de Paso" (2001 ;

nominated for "Sapphire Award" -2002 and "Locus" -2002 (11th place) ) and "Soul of Light" (2001 ;nominated for "Spectrum" -2002).

Catherine Asaro stories were published in the journal "Analog" and in several anthologies and reviews, essays and scientific articles in serious scholarly journals (look at her list of publications) . Her article ,

"Complex Speeds and Special Relativity",published in 1996 in the April issue of "The American Journal of Physics", subsequently reflected in the scientific basis of her novels. Catherine was also recently elected vice - president of the organization "Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc" (SFWA).

Katherine currently lives in Colombia,in Maryland with her husband John Kendall Kanitstso (John Kendall Cannizzo), an astrophysicist working at NASA, and her daughter, "the young ballet dancer who loves math."

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