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He became famous after participating in the tenth season of the popular American reality show `American Idol`.Early Years Casey spent in the vicinity of Chicago (Chicago) - first in Evanston, Illinois (Evanston, Illinois), and then - in Wilmette (Wilmette).At the time of admission to high school Abrams moved to California (California); California also Casey and completed their schooling, then enrolling in Aydluayldskuyu Academy of Arts (Idyllwild Arts Academy).

The Academy Abrams studied the secrets of improvisation and consisted in a number of jazz bands.Casey attended the lessons of music history, piano - classical and jazz - and learned to write music for films.

Casey graduated from the Academy in 2009 ; Soon after, he enrolled at the University of Colorado (University of Colorado) Boulder (Boulder). As before, he specialized in the music of Abrams.

Casey suffers from ulcerative colitis -an inflammatory process occurring inside the intestine and forcing Abrams periodically go to the hospital for a blood transfusion. Once in the Casey Hospital and went during the filming of `American Idol`.

Most of all, on the development of Abrams as a musician influenced by Ray Charles (Ray Charles), Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra),Oscar Peterson (Oscar Peterson) and James Taylor (James Taylor); Casey several times expressed his gratitude also Marshall Hawkins (Marshall Hawkins), the head of the jazz faculty Aydluayldskoy Academy of Arts.

Listening on the tenth season of `American Idol` Abrams was held in Austin, Texas (Austin, Texas). After passing the initial screening,Casey entered the list of 24 semifinalists; Alas, error status: 400error status: 400error status: 400General director of the news channel MSNBC and his master. Abrams also leads the program `Chasing Justice with Dan Abrams` channel Investigation Discovery.His book `Man Down` (the full name of which is composed of 27 words) telling about why women cope with almost everything better than men, It was named the best-selling newspaper Washington Post`` (`Washington Post`).

Currently, Abrams is the owner of several profitable web projects. Mediaite - news Web site; Geekosystem -a site dedicated to technology and geek culture; Styleite site - a site about beauty and fashion; Sportsgrid - site of the world of sport; The site Gossip Cop -site about the lives of celebrities; The Mary Sue - site for geeks girls; and site Mogulite - Industrial bigwigs. All the projects form the company `Abrams Media Network`.According to estimates, the traffic (audience sites) is about 11 million unique visitors per month.

Abrams - Director General of company `Abrams Research`, dealing with mediastrategy.

Dan Abrams, the son of a lawyer Floyd Abrams (Abrams Floyd) and Efrat Abrams (Efrat Abrams), was born on May 20, 1966 th in Manhattan (Manhattan).He graduated from Riverdale Country School, (Riverdale Country School) in 1984. Abrams received a bachelor`s degree (with honors) in political science from Duke University (Duke University) in 1988. While studying at the university, Dan led the newscasts on cable student Cable channel 13 ,and was also a member of the fraternity `Delta Tau Delta`. He received a doctorate in law at the Law School at Columbia University (Columbia University).

Before I get to work at NBC News, Abrams was a reporter for Court TV, which he was praised for lighting `Cause Simpsona`. He also told the public about how Dr. Jack Kevorkian (Jack Kevorkian),promoter of euthanasia, appeared in court in Michigan (Michigan). However, it is the first time - the position of trainee District President (boro) Manhattan (Manhattan Borough).

Abrams was a reporter for NBC in 2000When he illuminated the case against Bush `Gora`. Shortly thereafter, he began to lead his own show, `The Abrams Report`,on MSNBC channel. He was engaged in the project until June 12, 2006 - th was not appointed CEO MSNBC. Abrams remained in office until October of 2007, raising the channel `s rating to 62 %. Then at 9 pm was go toxinshow `Live with Dan Abrams`, which eventually became known as the` Verdict with Dan Abrams`.The talk show was broadcast until 21 August 2008.

In March of 2011, Abrams resigned from NBC, to become a legal analyst and host of ABC News to replace the program `Good morning, Amerika`.

In addition to employment in a successful company `Abrams Media Network`, Abrams published articles in the ` New York Times`, `Wall Street Journal`,` USA Today`,`American Lawyer` and ` Yale Law & Policy Review`. He also wrote for the online media publications including `Huffington Post` and ` Daily Beast`. Dan writes on a regular basis for the magazine `Men`s Health`. Everything else, Abrams - one of the owners of the New

error status: 400error status: 400York international law firm `Cahill Gordon & Reindel`.He joined the company in 1963, becoming a full partner in 1979.

Abrams is an expert on constitutional law. Many of the cases outlined them with the assistance of the facts and documents in the United States served as a Supreme Court interpretation of the standards of the United States Constitutional law,including its relation to the First Amendment and freedom of speech. Senator DPMoynihan (Daniel Patrick Moynihan) said, `(Floyd Abrams), in the context of the First Amendment - the most significant of our lawyer epohi`.

Abrams - Visiting Professor at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University (Graduate School of Journalism,Columbia University).

He discussed the issue on the indictment, transferred to federal court grand jury investigating the leak of `TSRU`. This high-profile case concerned a journalist `New York Tayms` (` New York Times`) Judith Miller (Judith Miller).

Floyd Abrams, a Jew by birth, was born July 9, 1936 - th.He received a bachelor`s degree from Cornell University (Cornell University) in 1956 toerror status: 400th Abrams served as a clerk at the judge Leahy Field (Paul Leahy) of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware (Delaware).

He returned to Yale University as a guest lecturer,where he stayed from 1974 to 1980 and then from 1986 to 1989 - th.

Floyd was also a guest lecturer at Columbia Law School (Columbia Law School) with a 1981 -th and 1985 th.

As a defender of the First Amendment, Abrams became one of the famous and still practicing legal scholars,who formed the American understanding of the basic rights of citizens under the US Constitution. Reviewing Books Abrams 2005, `Speaking Freely`, Supreme Court lawyer, Lee Levin (Lee Levine) said,error status: 400error status: 400including the Brooklyn Museum of Art (Brooklyn Museum of Art) by policy Rudolph Giuliani (Rudolph Giuliani) in the case of the exhibition `Sensation` and NBC from Wayne Newton (Wayne Newton). Floyd also defended the rights of Alya Franken (Al Franken) in connection with the claim by the channel Fox News Channel,dissatisfied using their catchphrase `Fair and Balanced` Franken in the book`s title.

In addition, Abrams has represented five tobacco companies, including `R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company`, in their lawsuit against the Office of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), error status: 400error status: 400Within months,the popularity of floors spread from California to the whole world. She has starred, gave interviews, went on to collaborate with other artists, he toured.

My father was a Syrian singer from Brazil, and French-Canadian mother Jewish. All this mixture of blood is reflected in the exterior of Paula Abdul.error status: 400error status: 400By mid- decade, Paul has earned a solid reputation in Hollywood and began to receive invitations to put dance or stage movement one way or another pop star.

One of its first major successes were taken in late 1985 clips to the album Janet Jackson`s Control. The following year,Abdul put the video for Tracey Ullman, error status: 400In the same year, Jordan Harris of A & M Records (with whom Paul has worked on music videos Janet) opened the American branch of Virgin. The first, with whom he has signed contracts were Steve Winwood and Paula Abdul.

Although her first singles were not seen by the public, in 1989-90 the songs from the album Forever Your Girl (which soon became a "Platinum") - Straight Up (

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