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The famous Argentine (descent) actor from the United States, comedian, writer, producer, winner of many other talents.

Carlos Alazraqui was born in Sacramento, California - July 20, 1962 year. His parents were the Argentines, that, undoubtedly,postponed the corresponding mark on Carlos - his character and nature.

The propensity for acting revealed the young man quite early. Besides the ability to submit, Carlos showed tremendous possession of his own voice (that vposledstviiprigodilos him while working on the dubbing of cartoons, for example). From a young age Alazraki was convinced that will certainly become a famous actor. But to realize his plans had to study and work. At the time, the future actor received a good education.

In addition, he never missed a chance to hone their own skills. Carlos often participated in various competitions and theater events. Once he competed in one of these competitions in San Francisco, joining perfectly, he won the first prize. After the victory of winning purposeful Alazraki took the money and went to Los Angeles - to conquer the peaks of art. A particular stage in his creative career began work on the dubbing of cartoons extremely popular television channel - Nickelodeon. In great demand to use his voice in the process of working on the Disney cartoon, loved by millions of viewers.

Naturally,an equally important area of creative activity Alazrai Carlos was involved in movies and television projects.

He has participated in such TV films as Pushing Daisies (2007) , The Replacements (2006 - 2008) , The Last Airbender (2005 - 2008) , Lazlo Camp (2005 - 2007) , Crazy for glass (2004 -2008) and in numerous other projects. Now his voice is recognized children throughout the world, every day enjoying the view of entertaining animated films.

Individual attention, scripts written by Carlos. In this sense, can be regarded as a particularly creative periods of the mid-nineties (when Alazraki worked on the creation of the cartoon about Rocco kangaroo) , and - the beginning of the two thousandth (Nice Meal projects, Picture of You)

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Carlos Alazraqui picture
Carlos Alazraqui photo
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