Carl Pohlad

Picture of Carl Pohlad

Date of Birth: 08/23/1915

Age: 93

Place of birth: Dzhanktin Velley

Citizenship: United States


Born August 23, 1915 in Iowa, USA. He grew up in Dzhanktin Velley, a small town in Iowa. In 1934 Carl graduated from high school. At that time he was the leader of the school football team, and represented in over two years interest Compton College, located in South Carolina. In the future, many schools, seeing it as a great player would get this successful footballer yourself. He was invited to study at Washington University Gonzaga. But Carl Polad not graduated at the university, he was called up for military service, because in those days, the Second World War.

In the army, he spent time from 1943 to 1946. He has been involved in military action in France, Germany and Austria. Carl Polad once was not hiding behind their colleagues, and climbed into the thick of the battle. Many times he saved the lives of others, carrying wounded comrades on his back. For wound received in battle and bravery Carl Polad received a medal "Purple Heart" and "Bronze Star". After the war he returned to Idaho, he marries a beautiful girl Eloise Oroerk, and a few years later his family moved to live in Minneapolis.

Within a few decades it builds its banking network. Due to its persistence and diligence Carl achieves stunning results. He was the owner of the team