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180 orgasms in 2 hours

Statistics confirm that the female orgasm - a phenomenon much more rare than men, and many have to experience it for his life almost does not consider the number of times. Cara Anaya - Karlis clearly chose the norm for most of the female of America; for her constant orgasms and almost continuous sexual arousal, however,error status: 400orgasms and permanent-magnet woman owes quite a rare disease. To some it may seem that life in the mode of continuous stimulation and the opportunity to reach orgasm - more benefit than harm ; Kara, however, on this occasion a different opinion - Syndrome permanent sexual arousal considerably complicates her life. Now 30year-old American mother is forced to lead a solitary life ; Kara just shy to go out for fear of another attack ` orgazmov`.

permanent sexual arousal syndrome Kara discovered 3 years ago. Since Anaya - Karlis had time to make sure that this disease can radically change a person`s life. Having experienced some unexpected and anything else not related to orgasms in a supermarket and playground, Kara decided to reduce the number of exits from the house to the lowest possible level. Now Kara is no work, and look for her a woman does not see the point - to inform a potential employer about such problems, it is unlikely to ever dare. Anayya-Karlis feels humiliated and oskorblnnoy when it comes to strange diseases - and understand it, perhaps, not difficult. Even communicate with children Kara can not - a strange feeling of sexual arousal in the presence of kids, Anaya - Karlis starts to feel a rare pervert. Kara can not take part in the life of his son - it just feels too ` gryaznoy` for this ; woman dreams about her child that grew up in normal conditions, but because of the insidious syndrome afford this simply can not. Worst of all,that normally explain the reasons for the boy imposed restrictions on his life - like the inability to communicate normally with friends - Kara also fails ; the child is still too small, and unlikely to be able to fully appreciate the essence of the problem of the mother.

The first syndrome emerged 3 years ago, during a routine trip to the store. Making unremarkable promenade, Anaya - Karlis suddenly realized that it excites almost everything - views, smells and even tactile sensations. The woman panicked, but the excitement of that has not passed ; Kara eventually just fell to the floor and suffered a series of strong orgasm. Recovering, Anayya-Karlis left the shop ; on the way home she felt a few more orgasms just driving a car. Total first attack of excitement lasted about 6 hours; All this time, Kara literal fall out from one orgasm to another. Stop the strange behavior of the body could not be nothing - no help either a cold shower or ice. Subsequently Anayya-Karlis tried to longer-term solutions - such as changing diet and increasing levels of physical activity ; alas, it was completely useless.

Now Kara has learned to hide symptoms of orgasms, but in her mind it affects not the best way. Marriage Anaya - Karlis also not experiencing the best of times ;Kara `s hard to be a normal wife and mother. Alas, for the healing of disease as speech does not go yet ; We can only hope that in the future the situation will recover as quickly as spoiled

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Cara Anaya-Carlis picture
Cara Anaya-Carlis photo
Cara Anaya-Carlis image
Cara Anaya-Carlis pic
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