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In 30-year-old Dee Buchanan (Dee Buchanan) of Tiduorta, Hampshire (Tidworth, Hampshire), pediatric nurse and mother of two wonderful boys, there was hope that the pioneering operation performed by surgeons from the United States (United States), to help Callum finally -So, to keep up with his brother. Mitchell and Callum were born three months prematurely after a difficult pregnancy, and when the boy was eight months, Callum was diagnosed with spastic diplegia, one of the most common forms of cerebral palsy, in which the child`s feet struck more than hands.

Now Callum can neither crawl or walk, because of the lower limbs muscle spasms constantly shrinking, although in all other respects it is no different from his brother, except that speaks a little better. Sometimes, such cramps are very painful. Today, the baby has a chance to improve his condition thanks to the American surgeons, who can remove the damaged sensory nerve fibers leading from the muscles to the spinal cord and become the cause of disability Callum. The only problem is is that Dee and Scott Buchanan (Scott Buchanan), parents of boys need to collect 75,000 pounds to pay for the procedure and pay for their stay in the States. To date they have collected 35,000.

Scott and Dee were very happy when the doctor told them that they are twins, but on the 20th week of the doctor of pregnancy discovered the problem with the growth of one of the boys, Mitchell, a 26-week Dee put in Princess Anne (Princess hospital Anne Hospital) in Southampton (Southampton) for around the clock monitoring of pregnancy. As a result, the boys were born at 28 weeks, otherwise he threatened with death. Brain scans showed that Mitchell is perfectly healthy, but Callum scanner revealed `vspyshki` in the back of the brain. Doctors diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, a kind of brain damage, which is often seen in premature infants, and may be the cause of cerebral palsy.

Children`s neurosurgeon, Dr. TS Park (TS Park) perform selective posterior rhizotomy at Children`s Hospital in St. Louis (St Louis Children`s Hospital) Missouri (Missouri). Buchanan found out about this, as in their local hospital, there is another child with the same diagnosis, and after that his condition has considerably improved the procedure. British surgeons are not allowed to do the surgery Callum, until he was five years old, and the sooner the patient will take a little rhizotomy, the better. So they go to America (America) in June. First, doctors will conduct a preoperative assessment of Callum, and three days later, and make the operation itself. Mama kids believe that they will succeed.