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Date of Birth: 1941

Age: 74

Citizenship: United States

Henry Kissinger Consultant

Bachelor`s degree Fred Bergsten received at the Central Methodist University; he was the best graduate of the class and in the competitions, discussions peers did not know.

Degree of Master of Arts, Master of Law and Diplomacy and Sciences Dr. Bergsten was at the School of Law and Diplomacy Fletcher (The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy). In the period from 1967 to 1968, he served as the first Bergsten at the Council on Foreign Relations in 1969, became an assistant for international economic affairs, Henry Kissinger (Henry Kissinger) in the National Security Council. Up until 1971, Bergsten was actively involved in the coordination of foreign economic policy of the USA. In 1972 he was appointed at the Brookings Institution (Brookings Institution).

In the period from 1977 to 1981-th Fred Bergsten served as assistant secretary for international affairs in America nskom Treasury; it was during President Carter`s (Carter). Later, from 1980 to 1981-th, Bergsten served as Deputy Minister of Finance; he had the opportunity to represent the country at the Congress of the Finance Ministers` Deputies Big Five and participate in the preparation of summits of the Group of Seven.

In 1981, Bergsten worked in the project `Carnegie Endowment for International Peace`; In the same year he took part in the Washington-based think tank the International Institute `Ekonomiki` (Institute for International Economics) - who was named` best brain world` center in 2008 and 2011 m. In 2012 he became director of the organization, at the same time to change the name; Now he holds the position of honorary director and a senior member of the center.

A total of 41 Fred Bergsten has written a book on the economic issues of the raznogotolka; among his last works of particular note book `International economic policy SSHA` ( `The International Economic Position of the United States`) and` The heyday of China: Challenges and vozmozhnosti` ( `China`s Rise: Challenges And Opportunities`).

In 1991, Fred Bergsten became chairman of the Competition Policy Council formed the Congress (Competitiveness Policy Council); For several years Bergsten brilliantly coped with the duties of the head. It was under the leadership of Fred Bergsten Council issued a series of reports on US competitiveness; intended these reports to the President and to Congress.

From 1992 to 1995, the first group led Bergsten `Eminent Persons Group` Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation); Bergsten recommendations for the implementation of free and open trade and investment schemes were adopted by the leaders of a number of members of the Forum and is currently being put into practice in the framework of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TransPacific Partnership).

In 2001, Bergsten co-founded with Edward Scott, Jr. (Edward W. Scott Jr.) Nancy Birdsall (Nancy Birdsall) Global Development Center (Center for Global Development). At the moment, he is listed as part of the President`s Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Relations and has been on the advisory committee `Export-Import Bank of the United States`. Biography and career milestones Bergsten has itself become a topic of the book - in 2007, the Institute for International Economics Peterson (Peterson Institute for International Economics) collection of essays was published `Fred Bergsten and the World ekonomika` (` C. Fred Bergsten and The World Economy `).

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