Burton Weisbrod

Picture of Burton Weisbrod

Date of Birth: 02/13/1931

Age: 85

Place of birth: Chicago

Citizenship: United States


Weisbrod was born February 13, 1931 in Chicago (Chicago). A bachelor`s degree he received in the walls of the University of Illinois (University of Illinois), PhD (PhD) of economic sciences - in the North-West University.

From 1990 to 1995-th Weisbrod worked as the director of the Center urban farms and Political Studies (Center for Urban Affairs and Policy Research) at Northwestern University; before that he worked for 26 years at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (University of Wisconsin-Madison); where he served as a professor, as director of the Centre for Health Economics and Law and director of the National Mental Health training program.

From 1999 to 2003, Weisbrod worked at the National Consultation Research Council at the National Institutes of Health (National Advisory Research Resources Council of the National Institutes of Health); I invited him to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Secretary Donna Shalala (Donna Shalala).

From 2000 to 2005-th Burton Weisbrod met at the Research Council of Social Sciences (Social Science Research Council); he was engaged in the monitoring of the development program of the charitable sector and non-profit services.

From 2002 to 2005-th Burton Weisbrod worked at the National Academy of Sciences (National Academy of Sciences); Here he was in charge of the analysis of non-market activities. In 2005, Weisbrod took in one of the consulting divisions of the Internal Revenue Service (the Internal Revenue Service) USA.

When John F. Kennedy (John F. Kennedy) and Lyndon Johnson (Lyndon B. Johnson) Weisbrod served as a senior economist in the government Council of Economic Advisers.

Many places Weisbrod and replaced in the course of his academic career. He worked at the Washington University of St. Louis (Washington University, St. Louis) and Carleton College, Minnesota (Carleton College, Minnesota); School John F. Kennedy at Harvard University (Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government); Yale (Yale University); Princeton (Princeton University); University of California, Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley) and San Diego (University of California, San Diego); at Brandeis University (Brandeis University); New York University (State University of New York); Australian National University (Australian National University) and the Autonomous University of Madrid (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid).

Studies on the use of cost-effectiveness analysis in health care Weisbrod took quite a long time. In the `70s he was just two quite innovative project brings together economists, doctors and sociologists. Later, while working in the Caribbean (Caribbean), Burton Weisbrod became convinced of the existence of a clear link between the level of development of the health care industry, labor productivity and economic development of the country as a whole; his findings strongly in handy a number of international medical organizations.