Brungilda Brungilda

Picture of Brungilda Brungilda

Citizenship: Germany


In its power-hungry desire to weaken the power of the nobles avstraziyskih found great courage and intelligence, together with rigor. Out of revenge for the killing of her sister Fredegundoy Galsvinty, was married to the brother Siegbert, Chilperic, king of Soissons and Neustria, who married after the killer to his first wife, Brunegilda persuaded her husband to fight against Chilperic; the war ended unsuccessfully: Siegbert was murdered in 575 year Brunegilda taken prisoner, but was soon released her Chilperic.

Back in Astraziyu, she ran for the infant of her son Childebert. Guntram, King of Burgundy, after the killing in the 584 year of his brother Chilperic, helped his nephew and Fredegunde that after Childebert`s death in 596 year victoriously fought against Brunegildy, but died soon after. In 597, Brunegilda, avstraziyskimi exiled nobles, sought refuge with his youngest grandson II of Theodoric, received an inheritance in the division Burgundy, and persuaded him to war against his brother Theudebert Avstraziyskogo; the latter was defeated and put to death along with his son in 612. Theodoric then declared war on Clotaire II, king of Neustria, the son of Chilperic, but died shortly afterwards.

The 613 year Brunegilda, which was already 80 years old, wanted to run the state again for`s minority eldest of four sons Theodoric, but avstraziytsy, weary internecine wars, proclaimed Clotaire king of all the Frankish monarchy, seized Brunegildu and accusing her of murdering ten members of the royal house, after three days of torture, in full view of the army, tied to the tail of a wild horse, which dragged her to her death.

Brunegildu Avstraziyskuyu sometimes regarded as the prototype of Brynhild, wife of Gunter, King of Burgundy, referred to in the German heroic sagas, as well as its rivals Krimgildy, the wife of the hero Siegfried. In northern mythology Valkyrie Brunnhilde is Bringildoy.