Brooke Greenberg

Picture of Brooke Greenberg

Date of Birth: 08/01/1993

Age: 23

Place of Birth: Baltimore

Citizenship: United States

The girl who does not age

Brooke was born on January 8, 1993 by Caesarean section at Sinai Hospital (Sinai Hospital) in Baltimore, Maryland (Baltimore, Maryland). She was born four weeks early and weighed 1.8 kg at birth. She was born with a dislocated hip, but it is a violation corrected surgically. At that moment, Brooke seemed ordinary normal baby.

For the first six years of life, Brooke suffered a series of acute diseases, from which, however, inexplicably recovered. The child was seven times perforation of stomach ulcers, it also suffered a seizure, followed by Brooke was diagnosed with a stroke. A few weeks later, doctors have not found the girl no harm. At the age of five years have found Brook formation in the brain, which sent her to sleep for 14 days. Doctors diagnosed a brain tumor, but when Brooke woke up, it was found that no trace of the tumor. Pediatrician girl, Dr. Lawrence Pakula (Lawrence Pakula), said that the cause of her sudden illness remains a mystery to doctors. During an interview on a talk show Brooke`s father said that at age four and a half years, she finally stopped rising.

In recent years, Greenberg visited many specialists, trying to find an explanation for the illness of their daughter, but the girl did not reveal any of the known science of genetic or chromosomal defect. In 2001, when Brooke told about the program `Dateline NBC`, she was still the size of a six-month baby, weighing 5.9 kg with height 69 cm. Her family is still hoping that one day the mystery will be solved Brook. Her mother, Melanie Greenberg (Melanie Greenberg), told me that at first the doctors thought if Brooke age catch up in development. Greenberg`s daughter drove to the nutritionist and endocrinologist, tried growth hormone, but growth hormone did not help - the girl has not changed per gram or per centimeter. Then doctors diagnosed Brooke unknown to modern science, the state and named it `H` syndrome.

Greenberg has repeatedly visited the children`s hospital of the Johns Hopkins University (Johns Hopkins Children`s Center) and the New York Hospital Mount Sinai Hospital (Mount Sinai Hospital), which are known for cutting-edge medical research, and when geneticists studied the DNA of Brook, they discovered that her genes associated with premature aging, it was normal in contrast to genes in patients with Werner`s syndrome and progeria.

In 2006, Richard Walker (Richard Walker), Doctor of endocrine physiology College of Medicine at the University of South Florida (University of South Florida), said that the body Brook, in a sense, is not a single entity, but a set of independently developing parts of the body, but experts still can not explain why. For example, in the mental development of a year-old girl is still a baby, she gesticulates, makes sounds, but can not speak. At the same time, her bones correspond to the age of ten, and she still has not fallen baby teeth, much like a child of eight. The different parts of her body are developed at different rates as if they were a single entity, and portions different organisms. Walker believes that `H` syndrome, which affects Brook, gives physicians a unique opportunity to understand the process of aging. He also believes that the state`s refusal Brook caused major regulatory genes. According to him, currently known to science are two similar cases, Gabriel Williams (Gabrielle Williams) of Montana (Montana), who was born in 2004 and still resembles the size of a baby, and Nicky Freeman (Nicky Freeman), Australia (Australia ). Nicky was born in 1970, but continues to look like a boy of ten.