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Citizenship: United States

The owner of the largest bank `Lloyds`

In the history of Pitman`s lack of success as a simple human luck, and pretty serious mistakes. Ultimately, however, Brian always managed to collect will in a fist and keep going to his goal - and that is what has helped to develop their success and to neutralize the effects of errors.

Father of the banker was killed in a car accident when he was only 9 weeks. Brian hard work managed to get a scholarship to the University; time, however, brings its own requirements - and Pitman decided to temporarily postpone their studies and start a family provision.

In the banking sector Pitman spent almost his entire adult life. At 21, he found work at the local branch of `Cheltenham`; Chairman of the Board he was in nearly 50 years. His talent was recognized fairly quickly; shortly after Brian`s revenue was transferred to the London office of the company - and in the early 70s, he was already head of the city office. It was under his leadership, the bank cooperated with financial stars of that time - like Jim Slater (Jim Slater) and James Goldsmith (James Goldsmith); Brian was able to find a way to prevent the collapse of the global banking sector in 1973.

It is not always Pitman managed to win - in the `80s, after an unsuccessful operation, he had to be written off as bad debts 1.8 billion. This loss - an absolute record for that time - strangely enough, went to Brian only benefit; it is well to remember the lessons learned and subsequently acted more cautiously.

`Lloyds` has always been actively involved in the financial projects of international level; particularly strong position it had in South America. Pitman categorically did not like the fact that his bankvynuzhden select `obedki` larger competitors - like` Barclays`, `National Westminster` and` Midland`; his ambition required output to a higher level. In 1984, Brian tried to take over control of the Royal Bank of Scotland (Royal Bank of Scotland), but did not succeed. Next blow he inflicted on the `Standard Chartered` - one of the biggest players in Asia and Africa. Alas, Pitman again waiting for failure.

Another defeat, however, was able to turn into a win - taught by bitter experience, Brian did not participate in investment projects in the late 80`s and strongly on this won. In the 90 Pitman quietly and methodically expanded ownership of the bank to `domashney` territory - and soon found himself in front of his more prone to adventures competitors. `Midland` sold` HSBC`, `National Westminster` -pogloschen Royal Bank of Scotland; `Barclays` still kept afloat, but with great difficulty.

Not only captures some mergers and defeated Brian; he was one of the first bankers are fully aware of the importance of the concept of `shareholder stoimost`. While others were measured absolute asset, Pitman wanted to raise to the level of stocks of the largest companies - `Coca-Cola`, `Walt Disney` and `General Electric`; it is this tactic, and led him to victory. The peculiar charisma and image of the charming `bandita` completed the initiated - Brian brought his bank to prosperity.

I do not think that Pitman was spending all his time to check the accounts and fussing with dusty ledgers; he had time and entertainment. Brian was an avid cricketer and a lot of time to the music - especially good he could play the trombone.

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