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Director,which punished the Internet community

American programmer, author of the scenario of the JavaScript language and one of the founders of the corporation `Mozilla`. Brendan was also involved in the movement for open source on the Internet, which during the base seemed to many a losing, but to date, supported by the majority of global companies. IN 2014th year, Ike was in the epicenter of the scandal, which cost him the position of Chief Executive Officer `Mozilla Corporation`.

For many, the news of the departure of Brendan `Mozilla Corporation` first seemed a joke : not only that Ike is one of the founding fathers of the corporation, it is also considered by many employees ,It is one of the most promising corporate employees, and largely thanks to his efforts, the company can move forward with confidence. But his departure was not a joke : at the end of March 2014. Several websites issued a sharp criticism of Brendan ,but their main argument in favor of its displacement from the position became Ike`s attitude towards sexual minorities. As it turned out, even in 2008, he donated about a thousand dollars campaign `California Proposition 8`, whose members protested against the legalization of gay marriage in California (California).When the news became public, the popular dating site guide `OkCupid` decided to block access to the site to users who use the Firefox browser. According to them,

They realized the importance of this decision and are confident that it will bring them significant losses, however, if such a step will not be accepted ,in the future in part on their shoulders it will lay the blame for the oppression of sexual minorities in the United States. It is interesting in this story is also the fact that after the leaders of `Mozilla Corporation` few days decided to dismiss Ike from his position and apologize for such tactlessness. Of course,the incident has not been without criticism from Brendan and his development of defense, but the company refused to further discuss the conflict, putting the final point of the phrase that the CEO must take care not only of income and position the company in the market, but also be responsible for the user ,in whose hands is the real power.

Brendan Ike was born in 1961 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). After high school, he received a bachelor`s degree from the University of Santa Clara (Santa Clara University), and a master`s degree - University of Illinois (University of Illinois).Brendan began his career in the company `Silicon Graphics`, working on the creation of operating systems. he began working with the company `Netscape Communications Corporation`, for which, in just 10 days, he developed the first version of JavaScript in 1995, the year. During the following years he was active in the development ,the further development and promotion of the language on the Internet.

In 1998, the year Brendan began working with `Mozilla`. By 2005 th, he had much to move up the career ladder, and took place on the board `Mozilla Foundation`, and soon all was the position of chief engineer in ` Mozilla Corporation`.

24 March 2014-year Ike became CEO of `Mozilla Corporation`, but in a new position he has not given the delayed wave of Internet protests, initiated by the site ` OkCupid` and supported by several drugihresursov. It is interesting in this story is ,that the Internet for the first time in the history of the views of users so strongly influenced by the state of affairs within the company. For many, the news of the dismissal of Brendan seemed devoid of any meaning, however, as the company`s executives admitted that they agree that there must be people in the management of the company ,which not only meets the needs of the company, but also the norms of modern society, to which racism and homophobia were in the distant past.

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Brendan Eich picture
Brendan Eich photo
Brendan Eich image
Brendan Eich pic
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Brendan Eich picture
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