Brad Henry

Picture of Brad Henry

Date of Birth: 07/10/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: Shawnee

Citizenship: United States


Brad Henry (Brad Henry), whose real name - Charles Bradford, Henry (Charles Bradford Henry), who was born in 1963 in the city of Shawnee (Shawnee), Oklahoma. His father was Charles Henry (Charles Henry), who has worked all his life a local judge and state representative. Oklahoma apostille.

After high school Shawnee High School Brad entered the University of Oklahoma (University of Oklahoma) on the presidential scholarship (President`s Leadership Scholar). In 1985, Henry received a bachelor`s degree. During the time spent at the university, Brad was in a secret fraternity `Delta Tau Delta`, in 1988 he graduated from the University.

Henry returned to his hometown, where he took up an administrative post. In 1992 Henry announced his candidacy for senator from Oklahoma.

In the election of the state governor in 2002, the year Brad, a representative of the Democratic Party, received 43.3 percent of the vote, while his main rival Stephen Largent (Steven Largent), coach and Hall of Famer NFL (NFL Hall of Fame), was 42.6 per cent, thereby losing Brad less than one percent of the vote. Apart from them in the race was an independent candidate Gary Richardson (Gary Richardson), who collected only 14 percent of the vote.

During his election campaign BredGenri selected the correct course of rapprochement with the voters. He often stayed near the supermarkets and other public places where people answering questions. In addition, the election of the state governor Brad helped many Suittser Barry (Barry Switzer), a professional football coach, having great support from the citizens. In his campaign, Brad also actively supported the gain teachers` salaries.

13th January 2003, he was officially proclaimed governor of the state and came into all the powers.

Over the years spent in the governor`s chair, Henry did much for the prosperity of its staff. For example, he was able to significantly reduce the taxes and the price of health care.

Brad also reputed defender of abortion, considering that only the woman, not the state, should decide whether to keep her baby. He supported the death penalty, but at the same time has always been a staunch opponent to bear arms.

Brad Henry sanctioned and the campaign `War on Drugs`, significantly reduce the level of drug use among the population. Oklahoma video.

In the elections of 2006, he received 66.5 percent of the vote, defeated Republican Istukom Ernst (Ernest Istook) and retaining his seat for a second term.

Brad Henry is married to Kimberly Anne Henry (Kimberly Ann Henry).