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Not an easy way to a happy marriage

He is quite famous American, known for homosexual relationships, and marriage to actor George Takei.

Brad Altman was born in 1954 in the United States. He is quite famous American,infamous homosexual relations and marriage to actor George Takei.

Brad Altman is an old partner of George Takei, the famous actor, starring in the TV series "Star Trek". Brad began working for TV stars to business manager. This fruitful cooperation lasts for 20 years. During this time they had a lot of good and heavy events, which brought together much of the native -minded people.

In June 2008, the wedding of Brad and George. This event is for Lovers was a welcome and very important in their life together. After all, this pair became the first homosexuals ,who applied for a permit for official registration of the marriage relationship in California.

The wedding ceremony took place on September 14, 2008. The wedding was attended by members of the series "Star Trek" Nichelle Nicole and Walter Koenig. This event took place on Sunday in the museum "Japanese American National" building. Honeymooners married the Buddhist monk. The men gave each other the traditional wedding rings Native Americans. The whole wedding ceremony was accompanied by the sounds of the Japanese koto harp and bagpipes.

Brad Altman and George Takei `s wedding wore elegant white tuxedos with black trousers.They came to the altar under the composition "One Singular Sensation" "A Chorus Line" of the famous Broadway musical. Wedding altar was decorated with yellow roses and lilies, where during the ceremony, the future spouses committed trditsionny Japanese tea ceremony. All the wedding guests mentioned sophisticated and refined style of the event. At the moment, Brad Altman and her husband live in Los Andzhelesse. Brad combines such positions as a manager and producer. Now the couple is actively engaged in furnishing their homes. They are very proud that the officially registered their relationship, because a managed identity number of homosexual couples. The main objective of Brad Altman is surrounded by love and care of his friend. Together they have been complex and difficult path in the world of show business. Often Brad pulled George of the most difficult situations, it is always populated by the man`s shoulder, doing everything to his lover less worried and more was given love and acting activities

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