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The history of "Bowling for soup" began in 1994 in the Texas town of Wichita Falls. Then guitarist Chris Burney and bassist Erik Chandler played with his band in a coffee shop owned by Bernie himself. Habitues of this institution were of Gary Weisman and Jaret Reddick, including while in the other team. Men often get together to let a mug or two of beer in one of these gatherings have decided to organize a professional joint project would serve as something like "Beatles" to punk rock. A big plus guys have seen that when such a life could afford to consume a drink whenever you want, and so its riders have always pointed out a huge amount of beer. Fortunately, in addition to drinking the musicians involved and the main thing, that is, We wrote songs (sometimes very good) and gave regular concerts. Bowling for soupKrome addition, "Bowling for soup" released one full-length album and a split on his own label in Wichita Falls. Audience group gradually expanded, and in 1997 the team moved to Denton, Texas larger city. There team released the album "Rock on honorable ones !!!", which sold 10,000 copies ,that was a very good indicator for a small indie label. This was followed by the release of EP "Tell me when to Whoa !!", contained the hit "The bitch song". The song made it to the airwaves and drew the attention of the major pop company "Jive Records" (shelter Britney Spears, "NSYNC", "Backstreet boys").First, "Bowling for soup" feel poor relations in this company, but after the release of "Let`s do it for Johnny!" They began to hold more confident. In addition to several new songs on the disc includes processed early stuff, and a cover of Bryan Adams "Summer of` 69 ".

Bowling for soup album is sold in large quantities ," Of BFS " videos got heavy rotation on MTV, and the band is now driving around in a company with "Blink- 182 " and "Sum 41 ". In 2002, "Bowling for soup" consolidated the success of the release of "Drunk enough to dance". It is on this album sounded the song "Girl all the bad guys want", which was nominated for " Grammy " in the category "Best Pop Performance by a Group or Duo".At the request of the label was immediately made another hit single, "Punk Rock 101 ", and later "Drunk enough to dance" was re-released together with this song and some other bonuses.

The fact of the nomination allowed the musicians themselves to compile a list of composers and producers with whom they would like to work in the future. Dialing thus a recordteam, "Bowling for soup" in 2004, recorded a new album, "A hangover you don`t deserve". This drive through the hit single " 1985" took 37 th place in the charts "Billboard". In 2005 came a collection of " soundtrack- of" things and previously unreleased material, "Bowling for soup goes to the movies".

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