Boris Voznitskiy

Picture of Boris Voznitskiy

Date of Birth: 04/16/1926

Age: 86

Place of birth: village Ulbarov

Citizenship: Ukraine


Born April 16, 1926 in with. Ulbarov (now Upland), Dubno district, Rivne region. Ukrainian.


Lviv College of Applied Arts named Trush (1950-1955).

Institute Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Faculty of "History and Theory of Art" (of Leningrad, 1956-1962).


During World War II he served in the Soviet Army penal company.

In the years 1960-1962 - Deputy Director of the Museum of Ukrainian Art in Lviv. In 1962 he was appointed director of the Lviv Art Gallery, which is when it became the largest museum complex in the Ukraine.

At the initiative of Boris Voznytsky castles Galicia Olesko, Zolochiv, Pidhirtsi and Svirzhsky joined the Lviv Art Gallery. Thanks Woznicki contemporaries became known sculptor Johan Pinsel name.

Boris Woznicki founded a number of museums: Museum of Ivan Fyodorov, the museum-estate Shashkevych, "Mermaids Transnistria", the Museum of the oldest monuments of Lviv. He was engaged in the restoration of the defensive tower in Pyatnichanah, preservation of the Bernardine church in Lviv, Boim Chapel restoration. Dr. Honor