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Citizenship: Russia


Russian, Soviet and European psychologist (Ph.D., Ph.D.), a specialist in the field of basic and applied research of cognitive processes. In 1966-1971 he studied at the Faculty of Psychology. Lomonosov Moscow State University and at the Physics Department of the Berlin University. Humboldt. In the 1970s he worked with AN Leontiev, and AR Luria, AR Assistant Luria in the Department of General Psychology (1971) and associate professor (1977), the Faculty of Psychology. In 1979-81. Wilhelm Wundt, a professor at Leipzig University. In 1987 he created at the Faculty of Psychology first in the USSR and Russia, the department of cognitive studies. Professor of Neuropsychology (1990, University of Bielefeld, Germany), Experimental Psychology (1992, University of Toronto, Canada), engineering psychology and cognitive ergonomics (1994, Technical University of Dresden, Germany). Director of the Institute of Occupational Psychology, organizational and social psychology at Dresden University of Technology (c 2000). Director of the Institute for Cognitive Studies and Head of NBIC-Center "Kurchatov Institute" (since 2008).

Author and co-author of the books:

The psychology of perception (together with AR Luria and VP Zinchenko.), M .: MGU, 1973;

The functional structure of visual memory, M .: MGU, 1980;

Modern cognitive psychology, M .: MGU, 1982;

Wissen und Handeln. Berlin: Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, 1988;

Computers and Cognition: Essays on cognitive science, Nauka, Moscow, 1990;

Communicating meaning: Evolution and development of language (collab with DM Rumbaugh.), Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 1994;

Human-Computer-Interaktion. Stuttgart: Teubner, 1996;

Stratification in cognition and consciousness. Amsterdam / Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 1999.

Cognitive Science: Foundations of cognitive psychology. In 2 vols. M .: Meaning / Academy 2006

Computers, brain and cognition: Advances in cognitive science. M .: Nauka, 2007

Author and co-author of over 280 journal publications. Over the years, a member of the editorial boards of international professional journals: Applied Psychology, Consciousness & Cognition, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Gestalt Theory, Human Development, Journal of Evolutionary and Cultural Psychology, Kognitionswissenschaft, Pragmatics & Cognition, Psychological Research, Theoretical Biology, Zeitschrift fuer Psychologie.

Member of professional societies: Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Psychologie, European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics, European Society of Cognitive Psychology, International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP), Psychonomic Society, Cognitive Science Society. Member of the executive committee and president of the IAAP section Applied Cognitive Studies (1998-2004, 2010-). President-founder and first president of the Interregional Association for Cognitive Studies (2004-2008). The first psychologist in the history of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was elected to the Russian Academy of Sciences members of one of its branches of natural science (2008).

The first Russian psychologist - Humboldt scholarship fund (Bonn). Fellow of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (Bielefeld, Germany), the Council for Natural and Engineering Sciences of Canada (Ottawa), the Japan Society for the Advancement of Science (Tokyo), RIKEN Brain Science Institute (Wako-Shi / Tokyo), the University of Granada (Granada, Spain) the Konrad Lorenz Institute for evolution and the knowledge of the University of Vienna (Altenburg, Austria). One in five Russian and Soviet psychologists (along with Leonova AB, AN Leontiev, AR Luria and EN Sokolov), was honored to read the special invited lecture on World Scientific Congress: 25th International psychological Congress (Brussels, 1992), 23rd (Madrid, 1994), 25th (Singapore, 2002) and 27th (Melbourne, 2010) International Congress of applied psychology, congresses and ACM conferences on human interaction and computer systems ( Vancouver, 1996, Sydney, 1997).

Lectures and presentations at leading universities, research centers and industrial corporations Apple world, BMW, Daimler, INTEL, PHILIPS, Vattenfall and others. Leading expert of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and the European Commission on new and emerging areas of science and technology (NEST Programme - New and Emerging science and technology). Coordinator of applied and research projects at the national and international levels, including European projects NEST-Pathfinder and Networks of Excellence.

BM Velichkovski made a decisive contribution to the development of interdisciplinary cognitive research in Russia and abroad. With his direct participation psychological separation of the Dresden University of Technology was in 2008-2010. among the best universities in Austria, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. Students BM Velichkovsky 6 times awarded for graduate work (Deutscher Studienpreis), which is the highest indicator in the German university science. Among his students - Professor universities in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Russia.