Boris Konstantinov

Picture of Boris Konstantinov

Date of Birth: 07/06/1910

Age: 59

Citizenship: Russia


He studied at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute are. In 1926-30 and since 1940 has worked in the Leningrad Physico-Technical Institute (from 1943 - Head of the Laboratory, from 1963 -. Head of the department, in 1957-67 -Director.) In 1947-66 - as the head. the Department of the Polytechnic Institute.

Works devoted to acoustics, physical chemistry, physics isotope plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion, astrophysics, holography. For the first time, and decided to put the question of the absorption of sound by reflection from an absolutely smooth and firm boundaries, he created the wave theory of sound reverberation in enclosed spaces, taking into account the absorption of the walls, brought (1938) formula for the acoustic wave medium pressure at normal incidence it on a solid border. He created the theory of oscillation of the jet and the jet conversion.

He studied the propagation of sound in a restricted environment, taking into account thermal conductivity and viscous spine, nonlinear effects in the propagation of sound in gases, in particular non-linear sound formation.

Completed basic studies of isotope effects and isotope separation techniques, developed a number of methods for separating isotopes, one of which served as the basis for the organization of industrial production of isotopes on a large scale. In particular, it is theoretically justified and experimentally proved (1946) the possibility of separation of isotope ions by electromigration. Proposed methods for measuring the physical constants of materials, quantitative chemical analysis of various compounds and solvents, chemical synthesis reactors, a variety of materials cleaning methods.

Recent studies related to issues of high-temperature plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion, astrophysics, holography. He carried out the physical and diagnostic studies on thermonuclear installation "Alpha", put forward the idea of ??corpuscular plasma diagnostics, developed methods of optical and microwave plasma diagnostics. In the field of astrophysics has made a number of ideas related to the problem of charge symmetry of the universe. He advanced the hypothesis that comets are composed of antimatter. He held a series of studies of gamma-rays from satellites and balloons, laboratory simulation of cometary phenomena observation micrometeors collisions with satellites, with the result that has been refuted by the assertion of the existence of the Earth dust belt. Under the leadership of Konstantinov studied the properties and determine the parameters of photographic, television and phototelevision holographic systems.

Hero of Socialist Labor (1954), Lenin Prize (1958), USSR State Prize (1953). In 1959-69 - chief editor of "Journal of Technical Physics".