Boris Kolchin

Picture of Boris Kolchin

Date of Birth: 08/02/1907

Age: 61

Place of birth: a. Kalinino

Citizenship: Russia


Boris Kolchin graduated in 1926 Malmyzhsky Pedagogical College, and in 1934 - the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute.

Since 1936, Boris A. Penza worked as Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, Pedagogical College and taught pedagogikuS November 1943 he became head of the department of the school of the regional committee of the CPSU (b), and from March 23, 1948 - Secretary of the Regional Committee.

Since February 1950 Boris A. was a senior lecturer at the history of the party of the Penza Regional Party School, from 20 March to head of the department of Marxism-Leninism, with November 1955 - Director of the Regional Party School.

November 14, 1957 Boris A. Kolchin was appointed director of the Penza State Pedagogical University named after VG Belinsky. In April 1960 he was transferred to the post of head of the department of history of the CPSU, he headed until 1964.

In 1944, Boris Kolchin was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor, in 1955 he became a candidate of historical sciences.