Boris Kamorzin

Picture of Boris Kamorzin

Date of Birth: 10/11/1966

Age: 50

Place of birth: Bryansk

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of the Prize of the Guild of Film Critics and the Russian Film in the category "Best Actor" (2004, for the film "The Long Goodbye")


In 1985, Boris Kamorzin graduated from Central Children`s Music School of the Tchaikovsky, and in 1991 - the Shchukin Drama School.

After Boris Shchukin School Kamorzin was admitted to the Moscow Theatre for Young People, where he worked until 1998 (with a break - they worked in Evg.Vahtangova Theatre in 1993-1994). In 1998 - 2000 years Kamorzin acted in the theater "Commonwealth of Taganka actors".

Since 2000, Boris Kamorzin working in the theater Comedy Alexei Kiryushchenko. On the stage of this theater he played in such performances as "Chonkin", "Barskie fun," "Rounders" and others. In addition, the actor is involved in other theatrical projects. So Sergei Vinogradov Theatrical Company Alferov he plays in the play "Masha" and Partry in the play "Foam of days."


In the movie Boris Kamorzin began acting in the late 90s. In 1999, he played a prominent role in the psychological thriller Yegor Konchalovsky "Recluse". Later, the actor usually battered small roles, such as in the series, "What did the dead" and "On the corner near the Patriarch", or in Pavel Lungin`s drama "Oligarch". But in nebolshihrolyah actor demonstrated his outstanding skill. In 2004, the Guild of Film Critics and Film Russia said his work in the film "The Long Goodbye" winning "Best Supporting Actor".

Actor`s work:

1. What do the dead say - 1999 (Crime Story)

2. Recluse - 1999 (Detective)

3. Under the Polar Star - 2001 (series)

4. The Fifth Angel - 2002 (series)

5. Antikiller - 2002 (Action)