Boris Kabanov

Picture of Boris Kabanov

Date of Birth: 05/14/1903

Age: 85

Citizenship: Russia


Cabano & # 769; in Boris was born in Moscow on 14 (28) in May 1903 in a family of NA Kabanov, the younger brother of A. Kabanova. He graduated from Moscow State University in 1930. From 1929 he worked in the Physical-Chemical Institute. Karpov, then at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and from 1963 until the end of days - at the Institute of Electrochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, where for many years he headed the laboratory created "Electrochemistry of metals."

The main areas of fundamental and applied electrochemistry, the development of which Boris Yeltsin made a great contribution, are: structure of the boundary of the electrolyte electrode-solution liquid and solid electrodes, kinetics of electrode processes, anodic dissolution and passivation of metals and the relationship of these processes with adsorption dimensional processing of metals, electrode processes in chemical sources toka.Boris Nikolaevich has created a new trend of electrochemistry, based to-cerned laid down scientific discovery "The phenomenon of isolation (implementation) of alkali metals on solid cathodes in aqueous media to form a solid solution and / or intermetallic compounds with the metal cathode" ( number 310 on the State. registry USSR discoveries). Studies Boris helped address such important practical problems as the creation and improvement of chemical current sources (lead and zinc-silver batteries), the development of methods of dimensional electrochemical machining and OE

In 1950 headed the Commission of electrochemical Instrumentation USSR. "Electrochemistry" is included in the editorial board. Among the numerous scientific papers Boris holds a special place monograph "Electrochemistry of metals and adsorption" (Wiley, 1966).