Boris Gryaznov

Picture of Boris Gryaznov

Date of Birth: 12/27/1929

Age: 48

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University (1954) and graduate of the same faculty (1963), after which the master`s thesis ( "The problem of existence in mathematics", 1963) .Tematika works BS Hraznova covers the existence of the problem in mathematics (and the problem of the existence of abstract objects of theoretical knowledge in general), criticism of neo-neo and postpositivism, development problems ratsionalizma.V Grjaznov history of science known as the author of the original concept of the origin of physical determinism - picture of the world (which is associated with the occurrence of Laplace`s name), had a profound influence on the development of science in the XVII- XX vv.V methodology of science, he proposed the original concept of the correlation of the problems and challenges: on Gryaznov, science as an activity is based on the solution of problems and formulation of the problem is possible only in the subsequent reconstruction, after its resheniya.Takzhe worked on non-scientific context of research activities and scientific relations, moral and artistic znaniya.Naibolee significant works are collected in the book "The logic, rationality, creativity", withstood two izdaniya.Shostakovich quartet