Boris Bim-bad

Picture of Boris Bim-bad

Date of Birth: 12/28/1941

Age: 74

Place of birth: Sol-Iletsk the Orenburg region.

Citizenship: Russia

And his bald forehead glistens winning and fun, or story about the science behind Exupery-depleting proclamation that all of us - from our childhood

Childhood - a predetermination of human destiny. One of the key tenets of educational anthropology. But as it relates to the fate of the Bim-Bad? And anyway, what kind of person he is, the scientist with a strange name - probably from the arsenal of circus dynasties?

Ten years ago, his name was associated with the first Russian non-state institution - the Open University (now the University of RAO - Russian Academy of Education - and he - his Rector). In recent years, this name has become almost synonymous with the most educational anthropology.

... In our time, emphasized the short, business, telegraphic communication, he allows himself the luxury of talking flowery, colorful, slowly ...

- Recitation - is out of my dad - like embarrassment, lowers her eyes Bim-Bad. - He put me a little, on a stool, and I recited Pushkin. And in eight years even I won first prize in the Junior Eurovision mom at work. Tomic "Pushkin about the theater." I grew up a frail, sickly and was therefore cut off from the children`s games and read voraciously. The family was "a piece of" grandfather`s library with brochures about astronomy, biology, and everything else ...

Maybe this "piece" - a source of surprises erudition Bim-Bad? He is one of the breed of Russian "last of the Mohicans" - encyclopedists in the humanities. Born in the year of the beginning of the war, in December 41 th. Family - five men and two dogs - lived in a tiny room in a communal apartment in an old house next to the Red Square. We lived beggars, but together and have fun. "Do you know what" Bim-Bad sandwich "? This is when a piece of bread dipped in water and then thinly sprinkled with sugar, if any, of course. " Here, consider the whole diet for the whole day. This Sandwich invented by his father, among others, have significant inventions - houses they have kept a lot of its patents. One of them, by the way, has acquired national recognition: simple aluminum tube on the bottle of vodka, followed by a strap you pull - the plug is removed and twisting. He was self-taught father, even the high school did not finish. Mum on Education - a chemical engineer. Her father was right-hand man, Sergo Ordzhonikidze. And though after Sergo suicide hidden from the country remained in the state the calendar, in the forties to work in the official places it did not take, he worked in a cooperative.

The first shock - arrests, sudden disappearance of their neighbors, a huge hall. Then - the stories of returnees from the camps ... And through all my childhood - funerals, acute pain neizzhivnaya war.

Boris said: children of war - a special class. Those who are younger than them just a few years, but born after the war - are quite different. "We are no" educated "and especially not spoiled. And thank God".

Yes, he is still registered in the soul of the old house of the war years. "After all," children of Russia`s terrible years "" can not forget anything, "he quoted the Bloc.

And I think that all the "stagnation" years spent in special depositories Bim libraries, meticulously studying all that is possible, on the ideology of fascism.

... Bim-Bad likes to say after the European thinker William Wordsworth, who lived in the XVII-XIX centuries: "The child - the father an old man," thus inextricably linking childhood with all the character and destiny of man. Working on the book "The nature of the child in the mirror of his autobiography," strengthened in his belief that childhood is alive in man until the end of life, this life implicitly leads and directs.

"The fate of the world - in the hands of the educator, not a politician or military leader," - declares Bim-Bad in one of his books.

Naive! - Exclaim political scientists and other experts. Well, that all belief is naive. The more the child`s person, the stronger and purer his faith. Naturally, direct - children. That`s as much passionately believes Bim-Bad in science, especially in pedagogy.

Somehow in the midst of a dispute, I picked up one of Bima phrases passionate asked: "In your opinion, it appears God is still there?". "How is it not ?! - Amazement widened his eyes and he even outraged. - And who am I then, wondering all the time swear? ".

Blasphemously argue, the more "curse" with God? But where blasphemous, in my opinion, suddenly believe in it with the same ease and daring, with a recently passed the test on scientific atheism. Lord - The teacher and every teacher pleased the students arguing with him. Glad questioning.

Blasphemy to acknowledge God and call himself an atheist? But know that there is a God - is one thing. To believe in it with all my heart - is quite another. Believe harder than knowing. Not for nothing do they say: an act of faith. Perhaps, therefore, not in a hurry to please the new fashion to call himself a true believer, this is easy, fun and very deep, honest people to the truth.

... Outwardly, it does not correspond to either the high pathos of their appeals, nor even the image of the ascetic. Tightly knit, good-natured bald gentleman in a bow tie with salon manners: kiss handles the ladies, pathetic cries at a meeting of the "Not-CPA-vneny!" Or "not-Zab-vennaya!", And sometimes even trenchant: "Do not -istre-bimaya! ".

Rector appearance of the building itself is organic rather the university: an old mansion with stucco ceilings, bronze cupids on the railing of the marble staircase, a tiled stove, a fireplace ...

But in this situation, especially striking swiftness and drama of his thinking, his passionate belief in the human mind.

- Even Freud with his ruthless judgment of man and mankind recognize: the voice of the mind is quiet, but it has a feature - it will not rest until it is heard. The whole history of philosophy gives evidence that the world - not chaos and nonsense ... "The world, of course, a vale of sorrow - he repeats with quiet sadness the words of Thomas Mann. But then, raising his voice, and her chin, the challenge continues: - But do not dump falling! No, not a dump. "

The whole look of Bim-Bad radiates cheerfulness and joyous, even bald head like a victorious, glitters fun. And it is not a single gram of dry academicism, arrogance. And it is - with his vast erudition in many fields of knowledge, the brilliant mind. Of course, he was closely within the framework of the official, conventional pedagogy.

And it is not by chance that the main authority in the science became Ushinskii, which in the XIX century not only brought the domestic pedagogy at the world level (before it was the Russian educational colony, living mainly by foreign ideas), but also significantly raised the level of this very .

Being an encyclopedic thinker mindset Ushinsky the first time united in teaching achievements of various sciences, he has created a pedagogical synthesis of scientific knowledge about the person. The new doctrine he called "pedagogical anthropology." In our time this doctrine was the main thing in life Bim-Bad.

- I discovered Ushinskogo in his mature years - in 1968, started working at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. From the very first lines of his books became hot "ushinkiantsem", so in tune with me was his truth. His teachings have long suppressed, because it sensed a strong shade of pedology, completely defeated in the 30-ies. "Sedition" in both cases was that its core - the study of the child, the man, not his "molding" beneath the desired objectives of the ruling party. Because pedagogy we have for many decades been childless. And only feeling that the times are changing, I published in the journal "Soviet pedagogy" in 1987, an article about the possibility of the revival of educational anthropology.

But, as he says, "being zachumlen problem villainy", he first studied the roots of its origin as a child of Stalin, Nero, of Macedon, on turn - Charlemagne, Frederick the Great, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane ... Published studies have found a kind of pattern :

- Master of Nero, was known to Seneca, a teacher of Macedon - Aristotle. But the very act of their students confirm what is obvious to me that even the greatest teacher teaches to the teachings and to what he has learn. Macedonia, for instance, took only what he needed to Aristotle - botany, mineralogy, from the "Iliad" took only those places where sung cruelty, military valor. And utterly rejected Aristotle`s theory of ethics. Naturally, she prevented him.

As for Stalin, his mentors and he had no idea that it was deducted a sullen, withdrawn boy Soso Dzhugashvili in the history of the church and why he was so deeply concerned the Jesuits ... And it was the ideas and methods of the Jesuits, Stalin laid the foundation of its political regime. I prove it in a recent book, "Stalin. Lifestyle Study. "

Because the teacher is so important to know not only what you yourself go to the child, but also with some sense of the world, attitudes toward the world come to you this child.

Here Bim-Bad opens the book with a favorite quote from Ushinskogo - a kind of manifesto of a new science:

"If pedagogy wants to educate a man in all respects, it must first find it too in every respect ... The provider must know the person in the family, in society, at all ages, in all classes, in all positions, in joy and in sorrow, in greatness and humiliation, in an excess of power in the disease, including unlimited hopes and on his deathbed, when the word of human consolation is already powerless. He must know the motives of the dirtiest and the highest acts of criminal history of the birth and the great thoughts, the history of every passion and every character. Only then will he be able to inspire us in the human means of educational influence of the nature of - and funds these are enormous. "

... Zagorski orphanage for deaf-blind children - one of the confirmations of the power of education. After all, the conditions of deafblindness in the mind, the intellect of the child are not available, they should do with their hands. Comprehending thus the laws of this creation, hidden in a normal, natural development of the child. In 70-80 years there were major scientific work of the scientists: Meshcheryakov, Leontiev, Cedars, Ilyenkov. Among them - then a young researcher Bim-Bad.

- I must admit: I moved the "selfish" scientific interest. As a result, I was strengthened in the basics, in the keys with which I approached the human soul itself.

"Selfish" scientific interest turned into a purely human. Alexander Suvorov, one of four children of the orphanage, completed the psychological faculty of Moscow State University, every Sunday seventeen years in a row came to Beam-Bud with a stack of papers. It was his diary: new poems, articles, conference recordings, gossip, scandals ... All of this was discussed very carefully. "I just helped him to better understand himself," - says Boris. But I know from the words of Sasha`s relatives that he is now part of all the problems deafblind ward - from domestic to global. Sasha defended candidate and doctoral dissertations, and is now working. about. Professor at the University of Bim-Bad.

- Bim-Bad - the most brilliant scientist in the modern pedagogy - convinced his friend and colleague, the first Minister of Education of Russia Eduard Dmitrievich Dnieper. - He was the first and only one of us who performed Ushinskogo covenant waited his artist 150 years. If he managed to create Ushinsky psychological pedagogical anthropology, the social, historical, he just did not have enough time to create anthropology. And Bim-Bad has made this leap.

Dnieper, on reflection, he said sadly: "He is a very loyal friend. It would be at least partially supported him as he supports the other. "

... And yesterday, seeing the Bim-Bad in the television show (it was about education in the period of revolution), one of my younger friend a little phone with delight not interrupted: "Finished genius! Brilliant man! ". Of course, I called Bimu, he was happy, but about the "genius" growled that this term can not understand. But the fact that he is still someone clearly has not finished - sure.