Boris Bak

Picture of Boris Bak

Date of Birth: 1897

Age: 41

Citizenship: Russia


He served as a private in the reserve battalion in Tsaritsyno, after completing the course at the Irkutsk school of ensigns (in avg.1917 g) served as an assistant platoon commander in the 6th Battalion in Petrograd, where he joined the Bolshevik Party and participated in the October Revolution. With yanv.1918 he worked in the department of transport Tsentrosibir posts in 1918-1919. he served as Commissioner of the Supreme Military Council of the RSFSR on the Perm railway commissar and head of the artillery supply the 3rd Army of the Eastern Front. In December. 1919 was appointed deputy. Chairman of the Tomsk county (since May 1920 - provincial) Cheka. During the long absence of the chairman of the Cheka M. Berman Buck performed his duties. In December. 1920 for malpractice received a reprimand and was transferred to Irkutsk - and to the post of deputy. Chairman of the lips. Cheka. Then, with noyab.1921 he worked in a similar position in Omsk, and in the summer of 1922 became a deputy. Chief Novonikolayevsk lips. GPU card. In January. 1923 Buck led the department in October. 1923 became a deputy. OGPU plenipotentiary in the Siberian edge. In November 1927 he was transferred to the post of Head of Samara province. Department of the OGPU (June 1928 - the plenipotentiary of the OGPU in the Mid-Volga region / edge), both headed by a special department of the Volga Military District. In March 1935 as chief UKKVD Middle Volga region was transferred to the post of 1st Vice. head of the NKVD of the Moscow region. In marte1937 he was sent to Archangel as head of the NKVD of the Northern Region.

He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner (1932), 2 signs "Honorary security officer." Member of the CEC of the USSR in 1935-1937 gg.

August 12, 1937 and was arrested June 16, 1938 executed by sentence of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR. In 1957, posthumously rehabilitated.

The state security agencies have also worked a brother and sister, BA Tank.

Major security Solomon Abramovich Buck (1902-1940) participated in the civil war in Siberia, he served in the Red Army in 1926 became the Chekist. He was assistant chief and the head of the 1st department of the Eastern Department of the OGPU (1926-1928), in the 1928-1936 biennium. supervised by regional agencies of the NKVD in Semipalatinsk and Karaganda, Secret-Political Department of the NKVD of Kazakhstan, he was deputy chief of the NKVD of the Yaroslavl Region, People`s Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Bashkir Autonomous Republic, Deputy. People`s Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Buryat-Mongol Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and the head of the 3rd (operational-KGB) department of the Volga ITL, where he was arrested in October 1938, after the arrest and execution of his older brother, and was also shot dead in January 1940. In contrast to the brother, constrained by the scope of repression in Samara and Arkhangelsk, SA Buck showed himself in another way, for which he was denied his posthumous rehabilitation.

Lieutenant security Arkadevna Maria Buck worked security officer 3rd department of the 4th (secret-political) department GUGB NKVD. In 1937 he was fired from the organs of the NKVD and, apparently, also repressed.