Booker Washington

Picture of Booker Washington

Date of Birth: 05/04/1856

Age: 59

Place of birth: Heylsford

Citizenship: United States


Booker T. Washington was born on a plantation in Virginia April 5, 1856. He was the son of a black slave and unknown to him the white man. His mother worked as a cook in the house of the plantation owner. She prepared her for the planter family. As a child, like other slaves, I had no family, and after the Civil War of 1861-1865. in the United States, which brought the liberation of black slaves, Booker chose the name of the first US President George Washington.

After Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, ending exploitation of Blacks and give them freedom from their former masters, Booker`s mother left the plantation. Together with their children, she moved to the city of Malden, West Virginia, near the capital of the State of Charleston. There`s a little Booker taught himself to read, and then graduated from Sunday school, open to Negro children.

To at least somehow maintain his family and help his mother in the morning before school, he worked part time, throwing coal into the boiler room. He worked at the saltworks, in the coal mines, but he continued to educate themselves.

In 1872, at seventeen, he enrolled at the Hampton Universal Agricultural Institute for students with black skin color in Virginia, where blacks enrolled in the program an average Sunday school. There he studied for three years. After finishing it, he became a teacher in the black schools of the South, and even a short time served as secretary general Samuel Armstrong, rector of Hampton Institute.

Poto m Booker T. Washington moved to Washington, where he continued his education. In 1879 he received a teacher`s degree and began teaching at the Hampton Institute, where the first batch of students, the Indians adopted.

Booker T. Washington wrote several books. The most famous is called "Awake from slavery."

Booker T. Washington was a great orator, a leading educators and advocates for education of blacks. In September 1895 during the opening of the trade fair in the city of Atlanta, Georgia gave a speech outlining his social and political concept, consisting in racial and class peace and close cooperation of white and colored population of the United States. He became the first American in the history of the black man speaking in front of a white audience.

In his speech, Booker T. Washington asked for equality only in two areas: access to employment and entrepreneurship. His speech for 10 minutes formed a racial policy in the South and made the Booker Washington, the leader of the Negro people.

Booker T. Washington was able to attract the attention of the audience, and soon his public appearances began to bring tangible benefits to Tuskidzhi Institute.

President Theodore Roosevelt consulted him regarding appointments to public office black and even white Southerners.

In 1896, Booker made a trip to Europe (Antwerp, The Hague, Paris and London). During the trip, Washington met with Mark Twain, was adopted by Queen Victoria. Returning to the US, Washington has become a recognized leader in the part of the black people of America, who felt the need for peaceful resolution of the issue of race.

General Armstrong recommended Booker T. Washington as an organizer of educational process in tolkochto Industrial Pedagogical Institute opened for people with black skin color in Tuskidzhi, Alabama. In 1881, Booker T. Washington became the director of the Institute for the Negro students Tuskidzhi. Institute Tuskidzhi gave secondary education with a bias to work in the industry.

This institution lacked funds, there was no money even to purchase a sufficient land and build on her academic buildings. When at the beginning of the first academic year in Tuskidzhi gathered students, the lectures they had to listen to on the floor of the collapsed building of the old church.

In Tuskidzhi Booker T. Washington create conditions for normal study their students and at the same time led teaching. Washington expanded the training base of the Institute and introduced the study of agricultural items and crafts. From year to year he traveled around the country, when in a small cart, and when riding on a mule, raising money for his institute. The level of his institute was that learn from experience, especially agronomic school came from Europe, China and Japan.

During the life of the Washington Institute Tuskidzhi continued to grow and develop. University complex and campus already consisted of more than hundreds of new buildings and the number of students reached 1600 people.

Institute Tuskidzhi is the best monument to the activities of Booker T. Washington.

Quotes and sayings

* Great people develop a love and a fine soul cherishes the spirit of hatred.

* No person who brings something to the material, intellectual and moral welfare togoobschestva in which he lives, never stays long time nevoznagrazhd