Bonaventura Cavalieri

Picture of Bonaventura Cavalieri

Date of Birth: 1598

Age: 369

Place of birth: Milan

Citizenship: Italy


Cavalieri was born in Milan, at an early age became a monk. He studied mathematics at Pisa under the direction of follower and friend of Galileo Benedetto Castelli. After Castelli Cavalieri met with Galileo, who lived then in nearby Florence.

At the end of 1621 Cavalieri is already well advanced in the development of the method of indivisibles, and in his correspondence with Galileo, he discussed the admissibility of expansions figures into infinitesimal elements.

When released in 1629 the Department of Mathematics in Bologna, Cavalieri presented the manuscript of the finished work on the geometry of indivisibles. His candidacy strongly supported Galileo, he characterized the young scientist, as "an opponent of Archimedes."

Professor of the University of Bologna Cavalieri worked until his death. Favors him Pope Urban VIII appointed him abbot of the monastery.

In recent years, Cavalieri were marred by a severe form of gout, from which he died prematurely at the age of 49 years.

Cavalieri owns several works on trigonometry, logarithms, geometrical optics and TD, but his main occupation was the treatise "Geometry, developed a new method using a continuous indivisible" (1635) and the continuation of its employees "Six Etudes geometry" (1647) .

In honor of Cavaliere Cavalerius named a crater on the Moon.