Bob Benmosche

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Date of Birth: 05/29/1944

Age: 72

Place of birth: Brooklyn

Citizenship: United States

AIG President dies from Cancer

Benmosh Bob (Bob Benmosche) - President and CEO of insurance company `American International Group, Inc.` (AIG). Benmosh was appointed to the post by a joint decision of the Ministry of Finance of the United States and the Board of Directors `AIG` and became thus the successor to Edward M. Liddy (Edward M. Liddy), standing at the helm of the company during the financial crisis of 2008-2009.

Benmosh Robert was born on May 29, 1944 in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York), in a Jewish family. One of his ancestors, Moshe Krayskol (Moshe Kreiskol), one of the first Jews admitted to the service in the Russian army in the 19th century, was originally from Lithuania. In the United States the family moved Bob grandfather, Rabbi Herman Benmosh (Herman Benmosche), in 1894. Bob`s father died when the boy was 10 years old, leaving his wife and four children from the debts in the amount of $ 250 000 and the unfinished construction `Patio Motel` in Monticello, New York (Monticello, New York). The family managed to keep the motel, and the young Benmosh helped with the housework, drifts and endured things guests and is controlled by the switch. Barely received a law he drove the truck company `Coca-Cola`, and with all this managed to get an education, graduating in 1966 Alfred University with a degree in mathematics. The next two years Benmosh had visited the United States and a part of the Signal Corps in Korea, with the rank of army lieutenant (Korea), where he headed the adjustment of the field of communications.

Benmosha career started with the position of adviser in `Arthur D. Little`, an international consulting firm. In 1975 he moved to the `Chase Manhattan`, and in 1982 joined the `Paine Webber`, where he was responsible for asset management account. Over 14 years in the `Paine Webber`, Benmosh gained experience in marketing and management of the various entities that helped him get the position of Chief Financial Officer in the company`s retail business. As soon as his career in `Paine Webber` move up and forward, Benmosh continued to take on new responsibilities and moved, eventually, to the post of Executive Vice President and Director of Operations, Administration and Technology. In this role, he oversaw the merger of the Department of operations and systems `Kidder Peabody` with `Paine Webber`.

In 1995 he moved to Benmosh `Metropolitan Life Insurance Company`, where he was later appointed president and chief operating officer.

In 1998, he became chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the company, and after eight years, in 2006, resigned. In addition, for eleven years Benmosh served on the board `Credit Suisse AG` and left in April of 2013.

We have Benmosha property, Villa `Splendid`, in Dubrovnik, Croatia (Dubrovnik, Croatia). In 2001 he acquired the former disco and rebuild it into a hotel in the next six years. In 2006 he bought a plot of land and landed on it and a half thousand vines Zinfandel, the red grapes of Californian Nappa Valley (Napa Valley, California). In 2011, the vineyards Benmosha produced 3000 bottles of wine under the brand name `The Benmosche Family Dingac`.

In 2010, Bob was diagnosed with cancer, but he continued to work, combining manual `AIG` intensive courses of chemotherapy. In August 2014 Benmosh announced his resignation from the `AIG` iz-za progressive course of the disease. Doctors give him nine months to a year of life.

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