Blondie Bennett

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Age: 40

Citizenship: United States

I want to be brainless!

Day, when American Blondie Bennett (Blondie Bennett) first saw my first Barbie doll, has become very important in her life. It was love - Blondie fell in love with the image of Barbie once and for all, and all her later life became a sort of anthem `Barbi`.

Today, 38-year-old Blondie lives in California (California). When she walks down the street, some passersby simply open their mouths and stare at her - she is an embodiment of a Barbie. Tall blonde with long thin legs, thin waist and huge breasts simply can not fail to attract attention. Complements the prevalence of pink color in clothes and make-up in the style of the famous doll - artificial eyelashes long, wide eyes and plump pink lips. Five plastic surgery breast augmentation - that is how much time Blondie lay under the surgeon`s knife to get his very remarkable breasts, which makes passers-by stop in the street and drivers on the road to forget about traffic.

However, the philosophy of life Blondie goes much further than just the visual image. `I do not want to be just a woman, I want people to perceive me as a sex igrushku` - says Blondie.

With regard to its body modifications Blondie says: `I often hear that natural is better, but natural ... so boring prostite`.

Despite all the criticism that is heard in the address of this flamboyant blonde shortage of admirers she has never been, is not now. So, it is men who jealously watching maintaining her glamorous image of Barbie-dollars, it is the fans and paid her bills from clinics. Blondie itself speaks of his `dzhentlmenah` with great respect - especially it highlights one of them, kotoryyoplachivaet her bills for housing and clothing. It is with him Blondie is being released, and it does not hide the fact that this person is - as it were a toy.

Philosophy Amazing Blondie Bennett that she wants to be a toy, a toy for men. She does not want to think about lofty matters or be tormented with questions of the universe, everything that wants a modern Barbie dollars - is to be a doll, cute, sexy, and brainless.

The latter idea Blondie - hypnosis sessions during which she finds his `bezmozglost`. According to the most Blondie, then hypnotherapy proved very effective - after sessions in her mind settles exquisite emptiness and serenity. So, it is absolutely not hesitate said in a video interview how the airport is not able to make out where you want to call and where to travel, despite the many signs and signals, and once three o`clock could not find his way to the house of his mother, in which she grew up.

Blondie recalls that when she was just beginning to pursue their way of Barbie-dollars, her friends just hate her - all the attention of young people consistently and clearly focus on it. It got to the point that if she had to go out with other girls, the ones demanded by Blondie out of character and look `obychno`.

Later on it for a while out of the way, and when she was about thirty, the image of Barbie suddenly refilled lifetime Blondie, literally paint it pink.

Critique of Blondie Bennett takes very tolerable - she understands that being a Barbie is not as easy as it might seem.

When asked why she so badly wants to be like Barbie, Blondie responds quickly and absolutely frankly: `And who does not want`?.

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