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Year of birth : 1995

Age: 20 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


While a positive attitude and dancing in " break " style was an integral part of hip-hop culture from its very beginnings ,by 1990 those elements had been temporarily pushed out of the hip-hop scene and the image of tough gangster ultramrachnymi and full of violent lyrics West Coast groups like N.W.A.

Despite the fact that the future backbone of the group Black Eyed Peas shared with these guys postal code of Los Angeles, their vision of hip-hop is strikingly different from the rest ,and the place of poetry cruel asphalt jungle and sampling- street skirmishes it did not categorically. The founders of the group will.i.am and Apl de Ap were familiar from school days, when they were both included in the team for breakdancing titled "Tribal Nation". Gradually, the interests of boys moved toward composing his own music ,and the couple moved their own path, calling himself "Atban Klann". (This exotic name was only a reduction in the phrase "A Tribe Beyond a Nation", which in turn was a footnote to his previous band name).

In 1992, the boys managed to sign a contract with the label Ruthless Records, owned by a former member of N.W.A Eazy-E.Although Ruthless Records basically worked with gang styling guys is not a bit embarrassed - will.i.am still recalls with a laugh as he brought his father on his concert. "There was Isi and his boys, and they were all with guns, so that Dad looked around cautiously ," - he laughs. (By the way,Will - born Filipino who is adopted by an American family through a charity program of assistance to third world countries in the early 80s) . Ruthless gangster roots, however, played against newly- group - most of the staff of the label simply had no idea what to do with a group of pacifist breakdancer. It is for this reason that in this period recorded an album and left lying on the shelf, because the label was not able to come up with a way in which it was necessary to promote such atypical for their group.

The death of Eazy-E in 1995 stopped all further contact with Ruthless Records. However,not a particularly good experience of cooperation with the company was not able to bring down the guys with their chosen path - they have taken in third party group, dancer / MC by the name of taboo, half- Mexican, renamed the Black Eyed Peas and went to conquer the audience with live performances in Los Angeles and surroundings.Their reading of the workshop and stunning dance insert soon took their toll, and her first album "Behind The Front" group, who had the time to get the team accompanying live performances of musicians and vocalist Kim Hill has released a fairly major label Interscope.

Criticism greeted the album ,return to the hip- hop sense of reckless fun. The success of the group has reached a very impressive size, so that among the guests invited to record their second album "Bridging The Gap" (2000), participants were Jurassic 5, De La Soul and even Macy Gray. Two years after the album`s release, just in the midst of working on their next creation,Kim Hill suddenly left the group, but the Black Eyed Peas have coped with this situation typical for their recklessness. will.i.am invited to the studio band groupie named Fergie, with which they often faced at concerts in Los Angeles - for the group to record a song. One song turned into three, three turned to five songs ,and as a result Fergie happily gave up her own group Wild Orchid and became a full member of Black Eyed Peas. Music journalists wrote happily that such a move violates all the rules of pop music, what Fergie carelessly replied that she did not know knows no rules.

Recorded with her participation "Elephunk" album ,over which the group worked sporadically for three years, was the most successful in their career - all over the world has sold more than 6 million copies of the single "Where Is The Love?" was the best selling single of the UK in 2003, Apple has launched an advertising campaign of its new I-pod`a to the accompaniment of "Hey Mama",and US presidential candidate John Kerry made the song "Let`s Get It Started" title theme throughout his campaign. In 2004, the Black Eyed Peas earned three very important nomination for the MTV EMA - as the best artist, best pop project, and for the best album. As a result, they win in the category " Best Pop Project".

However,the guys did not stop and did not rest on our laurels - their new album "Monkey Business" is ready to present to the general public. Among the guests, zazvat guys into the studio to work on the album, noting such stars as Sting, Usher and even the godfather style " Soul " James Brown in person !

Discography :Behind The Front, (Interscope), 1998

Bridging The Gap, (Interscope), 2000

Elephunk, (A&M), 2003

Monkey business, 2005

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