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BiographyThis team of Georgia founded Robinsons brothers Chris and Rich. One Christmas my father gave them the usual guitar and basuhu, thereby defining the future occupation of their sons. The first time in the group, initially called "Mr. Crowe`s garden", observed a strong turnover.

The situation is more or less stabilized in 1988,When the sign was changed to "Black crowes". By then finally he formed the ensemble style, which reflects the different musical influences of Bob Dylan Robinson to "Rolling stones". Before the release of the first album, the composition was as follows : Chris Robinson (vocals), Rich Robinson (guitar), Johnny Colt (bass) Jeff Sease (guitar) and Steve Gorman (drums) .

"Shake Your Money Maker" was released on the label "Def American" and after some time went multi-platinum. A significant role in this success played a single with a cover of Otis Redding`s "Hard to Handle". Mignon entered the American Top 40, paving the way for the album in the top ten. The next full-length album ,"The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion" appeared in the spring of 1992, debuting in the charts at number one.

Black crowesA before this "Black crowes" performed in front of thousands of Russian audience on "Monsters Of Rock" festival in Moscow. "Southern Harmony. .." took first pozitsiyuv American charts, but interestingly,none of the accompanying singles did not even make the Top 40. By the way, before the recording of the album the group kicked Siza, replacing it with a Marc Ford from "Burning tree". By that time, it has grown in popularity concert band, completely sold out tickets for their performances in America. At the end of 1992-go to "Black crowes" on a permanent basis has been added keyboardist Eddie Hersch.

The third album, "Amorica", although it was on the 11th place in the charts, but it made an impression on the audience more than its cover, than music. And on the envelope showed off the female body fragment, wearing a bikini American flag. With large areas group moved in small clubs, and its membership has expanded to a septet, because "Black crowes" appeared percussionist Chris Trujillo.

Black crowesPosle failed fourth album left the team just two musicians - and Colt Ford. Bassist replaced Sven Paypenom and handed guitar Audley Freed. In 1998-m "Black crowes" perizdali first four albums as a limited box set, adding to a few extra tracks and a live mini-album. Success returned to the team for next year, when there was a new studio album, "By Your Side", is not inferior to "Shake Your Money Maker".Some time later, the work of a group interested in the legendary " Zeppelin " Jimmy Page, who offered " Crowes ` to play with him a series of concerts. The result of this collaboration was subsequently captured on the double album "Live At The Greek". The release of the included items from the repertoire of "Led Zeppelin", as well as the processing of classic blues. In 2001, the Group held a couple of rounds, first with "Oasis", and then "AC / DC". The tour was successful, but the following year relationship in the team deteriorated significantly, and the case went to the collapse. First he was exiled drummer Steve Gorman and then Chris Robinson decided to try his hand at a solo career. As a result, in January 2002 andth was officially announced the suspension of the activities of "Black Crowes".

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