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Los Angeles-based artist Birtha existed for 4 years and was quite well-known on the West Coast ,When 6 November 1971 another female rock band, Fanny, hit the Top 40 with the song "Charity Ball".

The music industry at that time was set more on repetition and imitation, and businessmen from music instantly have realized what a commercial success it can bring. Several major record companies began searching for female rock bands ,playing live, bringing Birtha group - a team already experienced female musicians with two very talented singers - was suddenly in great demand. Girls of the group signed a contract with one of the most famous record companies at the time - ABC-Dunhill.For many years of work on a professional and well-known group of seemingly promised her a big hit, but two subsequent albums Birthe not satisfied ABC-Dunhill in terms of sales (of music as no one spoke, no one cared) . Therefore, the contract was canceled and forgotten group.

But the music remained. And even now, both albums Birt (see review) is still sound great and are heard in the same breath, despite the fact that it took more than 30 years after their first releases. They were very sincere and heartfelt lyrics are still considered one of the best examples of rock music 70s, despite the factthat commercial success seems to be lost on women Birt.

Rosemary Butler (Rosemary Butler) and Shelley Pinisotto (Shele Pinizzotto) - bass and guitar, respectively, have been friends since childhood and both were very fond of rock music. When the Beatles started climbing in 1964, Rosemary and Shelley that while there were still in high school ,They formed their first band, called Rapunzels. They then concatenate the other female rock band - LadyBirds together and " warmed up " the audience at the local kontserte Rolling Stones in 1965. The result of this speech was to Shelley that she was invited to work as an arranger in a local recording studio. In 1967, two girls meet again. Now they are joined by keyboardist Handler Sherry (Sherry Hagler) of New Mexico, and a little later the girl - drummer and a phenomenal singer Olivia (Olivia "Liver" Favela). So there was a group of " Birta ", which for the next four years will be performing at local clubs and discos. Experience "live" performance of girls is very useful in the future, but. ..

Birtha was the second all-female team, which managed to release an album on a major record label country studio. But the work at this level, of course, could neither leave its imprint. Although the band still did not want to be a "how to ". Girls often scandals and continued their old tricks, for which he was subjected to numerous criticisms. At the time even the " Playboy " magazine refused to publish pictures and articles about them for " ethical reasons " : !!!

Despite this, other musicians, critics and the audience just always maintained " Birthe " wheneveras soon as they presented such an opportunity. Just as women`s groups and Goldie and the Gingerbreads and Fanny at the time, a girl from Birtha always delights the audience with their live performances. The festival Rock in 1972 in Rokinheme, North Carolina almost all the musicians took the stage wearing T-shirts with slogans Album Birtha.Both albums Birtha caused a flurry of emotions, but did not bring commercial upeha. ABC / Dunhill Studio signed a contract with them in the hope of a big sale, but miscalculated. Neither one nor the other album was not selling too. His last work was the release of the studio Birtha single, "Dirty Work" (Dirty Work) .

But,this song was a very " correct " assistant director of the studio, Walter Becker and Donald Fadzhenom. The original version was not published in any of the drives, however, and "commercial " version also did not bring the desired result. After ABC / Dunhill that breaks a contract with Birtha, and soon the band breaks up. Career Continuing managed only one Rosemary Butler (Rosemary Butler), which for a long time sang backing vocals for artists such as the Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Joe Cocker, Neil Diamond, Michael McDonald, Roseanne Cash, Trisha Yearwood and many others.However, the way all-female groups have already been passed.

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