Picture of Bion

Date of Birth: 0325

Age: 75

Nationality: Greece


B. taught, moving from city to city, proclaiming the truth, similar to those that spake Cynics, criticizing all kinds of conventions and prejudices. Some time was at the court of Antigonus Gonata, the Macedonian king, in Pella. His speech addressed a wide range of listeners. This was reflected in the form of his speeches - he built them from short rhythmical phrases, saturating them with anecdotes, Apophthegmata often cited by other authors, jokes, quotations from poets, which has repeatedly paraphrases and parodies, as well as their own poems. Thus B. became the creator of the characteristic style of the Cynic diatribe. It has a significant impact on the Cynics Menippus and Telia, as well as Horace and Seneca.