Billy Gohl

Picture of Billy Gohl

Date of Birth: 06/02/1873

Age: 54

Citizenship: United States


His request for clemency of the jury was satisfied. Goal was spared the death penalty and sentenced to life imprisonment in the state prison in Walla Walla (Walla Walla). He died in 1927 from lobar pneumonia and erysipelas complicated with paralytic dementia, which, in turn, caused syphilis.

William `Billi` Goal (William` Billy` Gohl) was born February 6, 1873-th. He became an officer in the union of seafarers `Sailor`s Union of the Pacific`, before that time worked as a bartender after returning from the Yukon (Yukon).

Behind William already has a criminal history, when it began to suspect that it is related to the death of large numbers of migrant workers, whose bodies washed up on shore. In addition to this, he held a suspect for a number of other crimes.

In 1905, during the great strike in the port, Gol was charged with `call to arms lyudeyvzyat oruzhie`, as well as, presumably, he forcibly kidnapped by non-union crew from the schooner` Fearless`, for which he was fined by the Supreme court to $ 1,250. Using its reputation, Goal to administer their crimes in the union building, was the ideal place for the massacre of voluntarily flocked to him and unsuspecting victims. Also killer skilfully covered up traces of their crimes.

The sailors, who are in the port of Aberdeen, as a rule, attend trade union building shortly after landing on the land. There they can get their mail and, if desired, part of the funds transferred to the bank. As usual, Billy alone with her duties. Usually, he was interested in whether there is a sailor relatives or friends in the area, and then the conversation to the topic of money and valuables. If a sailor was in Aberdeen just passing through, ie, in the case of his disappearance, he would not have rushed to look at once, and possess a sufficient amount, the Goal chose it as the next victim.

He killed most sailors, shooting at them, and then got a hold of their money and valuables. Billy was getting rid of the bodies, spihivaya them into the river Wishkah River (Wishkah River), which ran right behind the building, and the harbor. According to some reports, the killer used a chute, launching corpses on it through a hatch in the building directly into the river. Other official information states that Gol used a small motor boat on which the body of dead brought to the dump in the harbor.

Originating suspicions about the disappearance of many sailors, landed in Aberdeen, long remained fruitless until accomplice William John Klingenberg (John Klingenberg), did not return back to Aberdeen after his attempts to jump ship to Mexico. Probably Klingenberg wanted to escape from prosecution or possibly from the Golan. Giving evidence, Klingenberg said he saw Gola alone with the number of missing sailor named Charles Hetberg (Charles Hatberg), whose body was recently discovered in the harbor.

Gol was arrested in February 1910 for the murder of Hetberga and was found guilty on two counts of murder. He was suspected of the murder of another 41 or even more than that; May 12, 1910, Billy was sentenced to life imprisonment and 13 June brought to the state prison. The second paragraph of the indictment for the murder of John Hoffman (John Hoffman), who witnessed the murder Hetberga. Goal wounded Hoffman sailor night of the murder, and the next day started Klingenberg finished accomplice thing. Klingenberg received for killing Hoffman 20 years in prison. William was transferred to a charitable institution for mentally ill offenders, where he died in 1927.