Bill Buford

Picture of Bill Buford

Age: 61

Birthplace: Baton Rouge

Citizenship: United States


He was born in 1954 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), and raised in Southern California (Southern California). After school, Buford attended the University of California at Berkeley (University of California at Berkeley), until he was in England (England), where he attended King`s College at Cambridge University (King`s College, University of Cambridge). Cambridge Buford learned thanks to the Marshall Scholarship (Marshall Scholarships) - one of the most prestigious scholarships, which can only get an American student. Marshall Scholarship provides students with fully paid two years of study at any university in the United Kingdom (UK), with a possible extension for a third year. The reason that Buford got a scholarship, was his work on Shakespeare`s plays and sonnets. Bill Buford remained in the UK most of the 80s.

Buford was the fiction editor in `The New Yorker`, in the state of which he is still working, and for sixteen years, from 1979 to 1995, he was editor of the literary magazine` Granta`.

Famous his name has made a book about English football hooligans `Among the Thugs` (literally - `Among golovorezov`), written from the viewpoint of an insider, an American journalist who joined a gang of fans` football team Manchester Yunayted` (Manchester United), to understand, what motivates a crowd of fans, and what is the nature of this social phenomenon. The main idea in the book is that the crowd the traditional sociological theory collapses, explaining the much more difficult problem of football violence as part of the general problem of the English working class. This social study as an insider is considered one of the most interesting and significant social studies in England late 20th century.

His next book, published in 2006, devoted to the wrong side of the restaurant kitchen. To write it, Buford had to work for free in the kitchen of the New York restaurant `Babbo`, owned by chef Mario Batali (Mario Batali). Bill Buford, it is capable to cook something in their home kitchen, wondering will there be enough of his skills to work in a professional environment. The journalist met with Batali for dinner and asked him to take to his restaurant. Batali agreed, and Buford started familiarity with the restaurant kitchen as a dishwasher, garbage collectors and lyuboydrugoy role that was required of him. Over time, his skills improved, he has mastered the work of a butcher, and other positions. The journalist took a trip to Italy (Italy), to meet with chefs, influenced the development of culinary skills Batali, and lived and worked in the same places as Mario. Buford then started working on a book on French cuisine.

In October 2007, in the `New Yorker Magazine` Buford published an article titled` Extreme Chocolate: In search of the perfect boba`, in which he described his journey with Fred Schilling (Fred Schilling), gourmet and founder of the famous company `Dagoba Chocolates` .

The book of Salman Rushdie (Salman Rushdie) `Florentine charodeyka` (The Enchantress of Florence), published in 2008, is dedicated to Bill Buford.