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Year of birth : 1970

Age: 16 years

Citizenship : United States

The world- famous brand

`Bill Blass Limited` - American fashion house founded by designer Bill Blass (Bill Blass). Bill Blass ,aka William Ralph Blass (William Ralph `Bill` Blass).

Bill Blass, aka William Ralph Blass was born in Indiana (Fort Wayne, Indiana) June 22, 1922.

His family was relatively modest means, his father was a small trader, while my mother worked as a seamstress. At the age of five years, the future designer was left without a father - he preferred to die, commit suicide.

Since childhood fascinated by the idea of fashionable garments, Bill drew sketches of clothes, and at age 17 he had already made money with their pictures, selling them in New York designers for $ 25 for a sketch.

After serving in the army and the war ,in 1946. Blass began to work in the field of fashion, from 1959 on, he worked as part of the company `Maurice Rentner Ltd.`, which after some time and was headed.

In 1970, the company was renamed `Bill Blass Ltd.` - and began fashion company Bill Blass.

Starting with the production of women`s clothing ,Blass gradually began to produce clothing for men and children, and later the company`s products are complemented swimwear, shoes, jewelry, perfumes and fashion accessories.

Over the next few decades after the founding of Blass managed to turn their fashion house in the world- known and respected brand.

The company`s turnover in the middle of 1990X came to a figure of 700 million dollars a year.

During a long career in the fashion industry, Bill Blass won many professional awards -. `Coty American Fashion Critics Award` in 1961, 1963 and 1970, and in 1968 it Blass was the first owner of this award in the category ` Best men`s designer odezhdy` ;in 1986 he received a prize from the American designers of the Council for his contribution to the development of fashion. It is noteworthy that the company Blass was the first American fashion brand, has received European recognition.

Collections fashion `Bill Blass` known for its elegance, restraint and strict classical style ,as well as the traditionally valued for the excellent quality and modern fashion trends. Perfume `Bill Blass` continues the classical tradition of the company and is in constant demand.

Among the celebrities who prefer clothes `Bill Blass Limited` - Nancy Reagan (Nancy Reagan) and Barbara Bush (Barbara Bush).

In 1999, Bill Blass retired ,And on June 12, 2002, he died. His home after heading a number of different designers. From 2003 to 2007 designer fashion house was a friend and colleague Michael Blass Follbraht (Michael Vollbracht).

December 29, 2008 it was officially announced that the new owner of `Bill Blass Limited` was the company ` Peacock International Holdings LLC`.

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