Bill Bishop

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Place of Birth: Austin

Citizenship: United States


Together with Robert Cushing (Robert G. Cushing), a former Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas (University of Texas), Bishop was the author of the book `The Big Sort`. Bishop worked as a reporter in the newspaper `The Mountain Eagle` in Uaytsburge, Kentucky (Whitesburg, Kentucky), then was a columnist and led a column in the local newspaper` Herald-Leader` in Lexington, Kentucky (Lexington, Kentucky), and finally, He moved into the main newspaper of Texas capital `Austin American-Statesman`. Bishop and his wife Julie Ardery (Julie Ardery) owned and operated `The Bastrop County Times`, a weekly newspaper in Smithville, Texas (Smithville, Texas). In addition, in the present time, they are co-editors `The Daily Yonder`, online publications (dailyyonder.com) of rural America (America).

`The Big Sort`, which was released in spring 2008 by the publishing house` Houghton Mifflin Harcourt`, says (and proves by statistical data) about how the United States (United States) have become a country of cultural and economic contradictions, and political polarization .

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