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Year of birth : 1965

Age: 50 years

Place of birth : San Francisco, USA

Citizenship : United States


American rock band founded in 1965. San Francisco and entered on the same psychedelic scene as the idols of those times - `Grateful Dead`,` Quicksilver Messenger Service` and `Jefferson Airplane`.

`Big Brother and the Holding Company` best known as a group,which as a leading soloist she has performed Janis Joplin. Their 1968 album, `Cheap Trills`, to this day is considered one of the masterpieces of psychedelic music of San Francisco ; he got to the first place in the charts of the journal `Billboard` and 338 th - in the list of ` Five hundred greatest albums of all vremen` magazine `Rolling Stone`.It began the story `Big Brother and the Holding Company` with the fact that the leader of the group, Peter Albin - guitar in the style of country blues, played in his time with the founders of ` Grateful Dead` Jerry Garcia and Ron Makkernanom, met with a professional musician with a wealth of experience performance of classical music and jazz Sam Andrew. Together they played the first time in the home of Peter ; after a while, Sam proposed the creation of a group. The third member of the founding team was James Gurley ; in 1965. the trio started to work on open concerts arranged by Chet Helms. Helms again threw musicians the idea of a formal group ;He even found their drummer and gave their first concert at the festival `Trips` in January 1966. It was at this concert their game heard David Goetz, painter and drummer ; he soon joined the band, replacing Chet found Chuck Jones. The first time `Big Brother and the Holding Company` worked in the hall ` Avalon Ballroom`,playing mostly progressive instrumental rock. After a while they came to the conclusion that to be completely happy group needed a vocalist ; Helms then contacted the then living in Austin, Texas, Janis Joplin. In June of 1966 he moved to San Francisco and joined the group. One of the most famous episodes in the history of the group was their legendary performance at the festival `Monterey Pop` in June of 1967 ; it was then that `Big Brother and the Holding Company` attracted the attention of both the country level and at the international level. It was assumed that the band will play on Saturday morning ; the program included `Down on Me`, `Combination of The Two`,` Harry`, `Roadblock` and ` Ball and Chain`. It is worth mentioning that the musicians were not allowed to set local team to record their performance - in the end, for that they were not paid ; operators were ordered to turn off the camera. Management considered the festival ,that the performance came just gorgeous and asked `Big Brother and the Holding Company` play again - that this time still managed to hold the shooting. This time, however, the band played only two songs - `Combination of The Two` and abridged version of ` Ball and Chain`, without a guitar solo by James Gurley. Anyway,both shows in the amount of just amazed all around ; Rumors quickly spread across the country. In November, the group already had a contract with `Columbia Records`. They played all over the country, from the east coast to the west, and almost everywhere met quite a warm welcome. The main stars of the team regarded as Janis Joplin and James Gurley. In late summer 1968, Joplin has announced that in the autumn leaves from the group ; with her had to leave and Sam Andrew. Janice played with the `Big Brother and the Holding Company` before the first of December 1968 ; twenty days after it has played for the first time in his new group `Kosmic Blues Band`.After leaving Janice Dave Goetz and Peter Albin while playing `Country Joe and the Fish`. In May 1969, they left the group and tried to recreate the `Big Brother and the Holding Company` via David Nelson guitarist. While they searched for a new singer ; after some time the group has established itself definitively. The basic backbone of its not much different from the old, less a Joplin ; to Albina, Andrew Getz and Gurley joined by vocalist Nick Gravenites, guitarist and vocalist Dave Shellok Katie McDonald. In 1970 the band released their first album without Janice, `Be a Brother`; In 1971 it was followed by `How Hard It Is`, by all in the same composition. In 1972. because of a whole range of problems - drugs, disgusting management, lack of concerts and internal differences - the group disbanded. Only once during the subsequent fifteen years they reunited - in the 1978th.

In 1987. Andrew, Albin, Goetz and Gurley were able to revive the team. In 1996-st James left the band - he did not like the idea of hiring new colleagues to replace singer Janice. He was replaced in the 1997th, Tom Finch. The new composition of the group, with varying success playing to this day ; DC main soloist, however, they do not - the job alternately occupied by different performers.

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