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`Beyond Vintage` - American fashion label specializing in vintage fashion clothing for women.

The term `vintazh` came into fashion business from the world winemakers. Vintage clothing -the living embodiment of the classic concepts of `` not stareet` and new - is well forgotten staroe`. It is often said that to truly be considered vintage clothing, fashionable in the previous generation; however, this limitation is not always observed - often referred to as an old vintage clothes, regardless of age.Popular for its vintage clothing owes primarily to its stability in an unstable fashion world - no fashion trends, no designer feints can not affect the beauty and charm of the garment.

Masters of the company draw inspiration from classical models; courseoriginal projects undergo some refinement - a common, classic style, however,is not affected. The smallest details of cut and transferred performance with the highest possible accuracy; with no less accuracy designers approach the `osovremenivaniyu` clothing details. The latter process, however, is optional - usually vintage models are good in themselves, without further elaboration.Special agents constantly seek out new models and tailors` masterpieces that can serve as a prototype for the new vintage models. Of course, not every vintage attire deserves their attention - just choose the best, The most interesting, most unusual. The company `Beyond Vintage` specializes in a very specific time interval -they work exclusively with clothing made in the period from 1800 to 1980 - th; however, really impressive model is quite able to attract their attention without any connection with the date of manufacture.Each company`s creation of something unique; this uniqueness -coupled with the already mentioned `bezvremennostyu` and resistant to the changes of fashion sentiment - and earned the label` Beyond Vintage` success.

label products are sold in the most prominent shops of the country and the world; You can find it on the shelves in `Barneys`,` Neiman Marcus CUSP`, `Saks`,` Scoop`, `Harvey`,` ShopBop`,`Harvey Nichols`,` Matches`, `Calypso`,` Journal Standard`, `Beams`,` Isetan` and many, many others. It is known that in the clothes of `Beyond Vintage` flaunt Garsell Beauvais (Garcelle Beauvais) and Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba).

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