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Ernst & Young - scale leading organization providing services in audit, tax, transactions and financial risks. In addition, Ms. Brooke is a member of Global Practice Management Group company`s Board and Executive Committee.

Currently Brook focused on the development of the strategy and tactics of the company, as well as - at the general strengthening of the position of Ernst & Young.

In fact, Beth Brooke has long realized the importance of the accounting profession, and that the importance of such activities in all areas of business - especially in large-scale. Throughout the time Brooke was working on hardening strengthened the confidence of depositors (and the public in general) the great capital.

Brugg has become a leading voice in the public arena. She was recognized as one of the best business-lady (in the list of hundreds of the most capable women in the world). At present, it is called an excellent technician and the best among the hundred most influential people in the field of accounting.

The Ernst & Young Brooke has always been an innovator and driving force. It has contributed to the creation of the group Ernst & Young Corporate Social Responsibility, and - the development of a special program of support, which allows the company to improve employee skills in developing countries. In addition, it was and still is a long-time defender of women`s rights, in particular - in the workplace.

Brooke Policy also allowed her to make a strong investment in the government sector. During the reign of Clinton Beth worked in the US Department of Securities, where she was responsible for all matters of tax policy related to insurance and medical support. In fact, Beth Brooke has played a vital role in health care.

In the course of its own activities Beth has been actively involved in numerous civic and business organizations. She is a member of association of Henry Crown Fellows of The Aspen Institute, and - a member of the Committee of 200. In addition, she sits on the boards of TechnoServe, the Committee on Economic Development, as well as - the Atlantic Council of the United States and other organizations.

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