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Year of birth : 1899

Age: 116 years

Citizenship : United States


`Bergdorf Goodman` - Department Store located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, NewYork (Fifth Avenue, Midtown Manhattan, New York City).

The company was founded in 1899 by Herman Bergdorf (Herman Bergdorf); later it was taken over first Edwin Goodman (Edwin Goodman), and then - to his son Andrew Goodman (Andrew Goodman). The company is a subsidiary group of the project `Neiman Marcus`; that, in turn ,owned by private equity groups `TPG Capital` and ` Warburg Pincus`.

Currently he is working on Fifth Avenue just two stores ; they are located opposite each other on the segment of Fifth Avenue between 57th (57th Street) and 58th Street (58th Street). The main store, opened in 1928, is located on the west side of Fifth ; opened in 1990m store men`s goods, in turn, is on the east side.

Herman Bergdorf, arrived in the US from Alsace, France (Alsace, France); He started his business with a small tailoring shop in Manhattan.

After some time of Lockport, New York (Lockport, New York) 23 -year-old Edwin Goodman arrived in the largest city in the state. In two years, Goodman has accumulated enough money to purchase a stake in Bergdorf. At the same time the firm was renamed `Bergdorf Goodman`.

In 1906 the company moved to the 32nd Street (32nd Street), west of Fifth Avenue and the popular Ladies ` Mili` (Ladies` Mile) - the location of the most popular among the residents of New York`s trendy shops. Relatively inexpensive place to shop picked up Herman ; in Goodman had other plans. Implement their plans in life Edwin way quite simple - he bought at Bergdorf his share and became the full owner of the company. Bergdorf went to Paris (Paris), and Goodman focused on the development of the now fully owned by him deeds. Things went relatively well Goodman and 32 minutes ; Edwin, however, aspired to something greater. In 1914 he moved to Fifth Avenue ; a five-story store he built on the site of the present Rockefeller Center (Rockefeller Center).

In the same year, Edwin became the first couturier in the world, introduced the world to a collection of ready-made clothes ; This, of course ,It made the extra publicity his company.

At present location store moved in 1928 ; building in the Beaux-Arts formerly owned by Cornelius Vanderbilt II (Cornelius Vanderbilt II). Goodman had some time about the new location some doubts ; just in case he planned new store sothat if necessary it could be divided into several areas. When the needs of each of the premises could be a separate pass.

Some time in the store Edwin quartered `Van Cleef & Arpels`,` Grande Maison de Blanc` and `Dobbs the Hatter`. During the Great Depression Goodman`s case went to the mountain, and he still bought all the building. The 30-ies of the 20th century, Edwin gradually bought debt dealers located in the neighborhood ; soon he already belonged to the whole neighborhood. In fact, even then `Bergdorf Goodman` could easily afford to open several more branches; Edwin, however,preferred to be limited to one store - it gave him the opportunity to personally supervise the smallest aspects of their offspring.

Andrew Goodman became a full head of the company after his father`s death in 1953. In 1972, the company was sold to `Broadway-Hale Store`; in 1969 there was another resale - the new owners of the company have become `Neiman Marcus`.The transition from hand to hand in no way affected the company`s image ; `Bergdorf Goodman` to this day is considered one of the most famous stores in New York.

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