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The teenager, who saw the world ears

The young American, the owner of the so-called Sonar. In other words, Ben is able to see with their ears, using echolocation. At the same time after the loss of his hearing has not worsened and remained the same, but his brain has learned to translate sounds into visual information.

Ben Underwood (Ben Underwood) was born in 1992 in Riverside, California (Riverside California). From birth, Ben was perfectly healthy baby ,and his mother Akvanette (Aquanetta) does not have to go with him to the doctors. Soon, however, she noticed that her right eye as a little boy somehow unnatural shine. Looking closely to your baby, Akvanetta noticed that his eyes were all rather strange - they are somewhat reminiscent of the eyes of cats in light of car headlights. But one day the boy woke up this morning with a white spot on the pupil, and then the mother realized with horror that see little Ben could not. On the same day Ben went to an ophthalmologist who made a terrible diagnosis : retinoblastoma, or cancer of the eye. Unfortunately, in the case of Benarech it was on both eyes. The disease is found only in children with infants and up to the age of three.

Akvanetta was restless and all over the vinyl itself - the fact that she named her son Ben in honor of her father, who died at the time of cancer. And now she blamed herself that Ben doomed cancer, giving him the name.After two months of chemotherapy Ben right eye was removed. After that, the boy underwent eight months of chemotherapy, followed by six weeks of radiation to try to save his left eye. But that was not enough, and Ben`s left eye also had to be removed.

And then it began a new life of a small Ben ,and the principal people in it were his mother and his older brothers and sisters, who patiently helped the kid around. So, they literally thought through every step of the baby, and always give him time to deal with the fact that he met on his way.

Incidentally, once the mother Ben explained that in spite of the fact that he can not see the eyes ,he has a sense of touch and smell, and hearing, by which he will now become ` videt`.

It is not known how it literally took Ben, but growing up, he did not behave like a blind man - he was playing with other children, he began to ride a bicycle, climbing trees, and later even started playing video games. It was amazing and unreal ,because Ben definitely both eyes were removed.

When the doctor saw that doing ` slepoy` Ben, they were amazed. So, soon we began to look for and the reason for such an amazing view. It turned out that Ben is learning a vision Sonar. So, like the brain bats, his brain began translating audio information into visual ,capturing the reflected sounds, and thus as the Ben would start to see ` ushami`. In other words, in order to see, he used echolocation.

While doctors were arguing over this miracle, Ben playing basketball, riding his bike the BMX, mastered skating, I began to use the computer and generally led a normal life of an ordinary teenager. Except for his plastic eyes he had to constantly keep an eye - rinse them with water and sometimes give their eye sockets vacation.

About the surprising teenager shot some movies that have come in several documentary projects. He has been a guest on numerous talk shows, as well as on the radio. At all,Ben grew up very interesting guy and interested in many things. So, in 4th grade, Ben began to write the novel, and later began to teach yourself Japanese.

And another distinguished Ben from ordinary people - he could not judge people by their appearance, he was able to see how the people inside. So, he judged the people only by their words and deeds ,and outer beauty or ugliness never been for him important characteristics.

Unfortunately, the cancer eventually defeated Ben Underwood - he never became a grown man and he died at the age of 16 years. It happened on January 19, 2009, just days before his 17th birthday

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Ben Underwood picture
Ben Underwood photo
Ben Underwood image
Ben Underwood pic
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