Belle Gunness

Picture of Belle Gunness

Date of Birth: 11/11/1859

Age: 48

Place of birth: Sor-Trondelag

Citizenship: United States

Black Widow

Biographers say that Bell Sorenson Ganness (Belle Sorenson Gunness), the youngest of eight children in the family, was born November 11, 1859 th, in Sor-Trondelag, Norway (S & # 248; r-Tr & # 248; ndelag, Norway). Her father was a bricklayer Paul Pedersen Storset (Paul Pedersen St & # 248; rset), and his mother - Berit Olsdatter (Berit Olsdatter). Bell lived with his family on the farm 60 km south-east of the city of Trondheim (Trondheim).

According to one story, a pregnant Ganness dancing at a party when she was attacked and a man kicked in the stomach, which is why she lost the baby. The attacker turned from a rich family, and the Norwegian authorities have not punished him. Those who knew Ganness people claimed that after this incident she has seriously changed. Nakinuvshiysya it soon died, as I said, of stomach cancer. Raised in poverty next three years Bell worked regularly on a large farm the rich to pay for their journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Following the example of his sister, Nellie Larson (Nellie Larson), before immigrating to America, Bell moved to the United States in 1881, where he first worked as a maid. In 1884 she became the wife of Anton`s Ditleva Mads Sorenson (Mads Ditlev Anton Sorenson), with whom two years later opened a sweet shop. Business fell through, however, the insured `kstati` store burned to the ground - and the couple were able to buy a new home.

The couple had four children: Caroline (Caroline), Axel (Axel), Myrtle and Lucy. Caroline and Axel died in infancy - supposedly from acute colitis. Symptoms of acute colitis - nausea, fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramps - also symptoms of many forms of poisoning. Of course, Caroline and Axel were insured, and the insurers paid inconsolable parents round sum.

Mads died July 30, 1900 th, shortly before insuring your life. The first doctor believed that Bell`s husband was poisoned with strychnine. However, the family doctor, who treated his enlarged heart, came to the conclusion that the death was caused by Mads heart failure. An autopsy was considered superfluous, since death does not arouse suspicion. The widow said she gave Sorenson medicinal powders, make him feel better, and she believed it.

The day after the funeral of the wife of Ganness received $ 8500 ($ 217 thousand. 2008 minutes). With this money she bought a farm on the outskirts of La Porte, Indiana (La Porte, Indiana), where very soon burned down a barn for storage of boats and crews.

Bell met with Norwegian Gannessom Peter (Peter Gunness), who married her April 1, 1902-th. Two weeks after the marriage died young daughter of Peter, and in December of the same year, he himself met with the `tragic sluchaynostyu`. According to Bell, Peter worked in the barn, when from a great height on him dropped huge Slicers, smashing his skull. Gust (Gust), the victim`s brother, learned about the terrible incident took with him to Wisconsin (Wisconsin) another daughter of Peter, Svonhild (Swanhild), in order to protect her from another `absurd sluchaynosti`.

The deceased second husband added to Ganness of $ 3-4 thousand. The locals could not believe that an experienced butcher Peter was so awkward, and an investigator from the district that examined the case, clearly stated that the victim was killed. Meanwhile, some 14-year-old Jenny Olsen (Jennie Olsen) heard from a classmate confession: `My mom killed my dad. She hit him a butcher knife, and he died. No this is not govori`. However, due to a court Olsen denied everything, and at the time of pregnancy (son of Philip) Ganness was acquitted by a jury.

Subsequently Ganness served ad in the newspaper with the aim to meet, and concerned middle-aged men came to her farm, disappearing one by one. Her mercenary Lamfer Ray (Ray Lamphere), secretly her worshipful, loving Bell began to be jealous, I was men such as gloves. He rolled his scenes one after the other, for that on 3 February 1908 she fired him. Lamfer not depart from her, and then Ganness figured out how to burn her farm and cash in on it, so as not to arouse suspicion.

April 28, 1908 th Maxson Joe (Joe Maxon), Lamfera changer, was awakened by the smell of smoke, trying dokrichatsya Ganness and her three children, but to no avail. He almost blew his feet, before he could jump out the window from the second floor of the house in flames, and ran to the city for help. Later, four bodies were found in the basement. One of them did not mind. Ganness to fire authorities assured that Lamfer threatened her, so he was immediately arrested and charged with murder and arson. As headless female body, the neighboring farmers in one voice assured us that it could not be Ganness Bell, a recent study revealed that the unidentified woman all died of strychnine poisoning.

Lamfera convicted of arson, but not guilty of murder. November 26, 1908 on, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison; He died of tuberculosis on December 30, 1909 th, shortly before his death told that Ganness helped bury many of its victims. He said that Ganness floats strychnine and chloroform, butchered bodies, bury them, burned, and once even to feed the pigs. She drugged his children with chloroform and strangled, and then dragged to the basement, where the dead and brought the decapitated body of the newly hired housekeeper of Chicago (Chicago). Lamfer really participated in the arson, as well as the murder of a housekeeper, but did not know what was going Ganness substitute it.

It is alleged that during the years of criminal activity Bell had saved about $ 250 thousand. (About $ 6.3 million. 2008 minutes). Dubbed `Blue Borodoy` killer allegedly seen alive in 1931 in Mississippi (Mississippi), but still it is considered conditionally burnt in the fire of April 28, 1908-th. It is believed that Ganness body is buried next to her first husband in the cemetery of Forest Home in Forest Park, Illinois (Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, Illinois).