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Is it easy to be homeless

Becky Blanton (Becky Blanton) says that a journalist she worked for 22 years and during that time she has learned to be very curious. But what happened to her three years ago, it was a completely new experience even for a journalist to do a lot. So, as she says Becky, she became `nevidimoy`. In other words, Blanton was one of the working homeless.

History Becky Blanton told by herself with the TED conference podium sounds strange, intriguing and very sad. But, no matter how - that this story became the main experiences throughout the life of Becky, this is the story made her famous.

After the death of her father, Becky went to work - she then worked as an editor at the newspaper. The death of his father became for her a heavy blow, and leave it at that Becky just could not - she wanted to change something. So, he quit his job, she decided to travel. The journey Becky was going to come to, to find answers to the questions plaguing her and just shake. Previously, she was not ever again go camping, and neprihotlivayaBekki decided that a year to live in a van - it was not terrible, but life on the road will bring her peace.

So, having decided, she had gathered in the road the most important thing - a Rottweiler and a cat. Immersing their pets, as well as some personal belongings and the things in the van `Shevrole` 1975, Becky Blanton departed on his journey.

Already later Becky realized three very important things she missed from the very beginning. First, in the eyes of society a person to be considered a person just has to have a permanent home, even if it`s hut or booth. Second, negative public opinion is able to very quickly and devastating effect on your self.

And third: homelessness - a state and not a lifestyle.

But all these truths Becky realized later, and then, having gone into the sunset with his faithful friends - a cat and a dog - she did not know anything about that in front of her waiting for a great experience that will change not only her future life, but also the idea of ??this very life, about the world around, about his place in it.

At first, life in Wen was lovely - Becky was taking a shower in the camping, eat regularly, and she had plenty of time to relax and sadness. Everything went exactly as wanted, Becky. But the white stripe was replaced by a black - work ended in freelance, sorrow for the departed father increased. Becky tried to find a permanent job, but it was not easy. In place of the spring came the hot, stifling summer, and even to park elsewhere was a problem - constantly on the cat and dog in the car, Becky.

As a result, she found a way to attach a dog shelter in the day, and she lived permanently in search of the soul - she learned to enjoy furtively showers in office buildings and in the parking lots of truckers. As time went on, and eventually she was quite content with sinks in public toilets. It was always hot, spoiled foods, and Becky is gradually sinking into a depression. At some point she had already decided to give up and rent a house, but to find an apartment with a dog and a cat was not possible, and throw them she could not.

So Becky life spiraled out of control.

Winter brought other problems, the main of which was cold.

At some point, Becky realized that she had changed, changed subtly. For her talent, values ??and skills have been with her, but made her depression of another person - a pathetic, homeless woman who can not control their lives.

Someone took care of her and Becky sent to the clinic for the homeless.

Her epiphany came almost suddenly - on TV Becky heard that the writer Tim Russert (Tim Russert) used it in his book of essays. It`s like shook her, so who is she really - a pitiful stray or a writer?

And Becky found the strength to come back - she returned to her home state of Tennessee (Tennessee), started to write again. By the summer of the following year she had lived in his own apartment, she has won journalism contests and awards received.

The experience forever changed the life of a homeless Becky Blanton - she had a chance to learn something not only about the world but also about myself.