Barry Morris Golduoter

Picture of Barry Morris Golduoter

Date of Birth: 02/01/1909

Age: 89

Place of Birth: Phoenix City

Citizenship: United States


American politician, GOP candidate for president in the 1964 elections, the senator from Arizona in 1953-1965 and in 1969-1987 gg.

He participated in World War II, retiring with the rank of Major General. He held right-wing conservative views. In the election of the president has lost a considerable lag (received 38% of the vote and only 52 electoral votes, winning only 5 native Arizona and southern states) representative Democrats Lyndon Johnson. The Soviet press often served as a symbol of the US aggressive policy, as has consistently adhered to the anti-communist views.

The anti-communist rhetoric of the Goldwater, which saw almost all the machinations of the "Reds", became the object of study of linguists and experts in cognitive psychology. It was built on the model of the world, Barry Goldwater, which manifests itself in various rhetorical strategies (known paper RP Abelson