Barbara Bergmann

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Date of Birth: 1927

Age: 88

Place of Birth: The Bronx

Citizenship: United States


Barbara Bergmann was born in 1927 in the Bronx, USA (Bronx, New York City, United States). Her parents are with their families, to escape from anti-Semitism, he emigrated to the United States (United States) from Europe (Europe) in 1914. The mother was Romanian roots, his father - Polish. They had to work and was not able to finish school, but the parents had hoped that Barbara to realize their idea of ??the American dream and go to college. At the age of five years, Barbara thought about inequality between men and women. She was determined to be independent when he grows up, and it demanded money and education. During the Great Depression Bergmann developed a firm belief that the government should provide resources and assistance to individuals who are faced with insurmountable circumstances or do not have the resources and knowledge to support themselves.

Barbara brilliantly studied and received a scholarship to study at Cornell University (Cornell University), majoring in mathematics. In college obnaruzhilasebya her love for creating simple models of the events that can happen (or not happen) in the real economy, and Barbara discovered the book `The American dilemma` (An American Dilemma) Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal (Gunnar Myrdal) about racial inequality in the southern states. Book Myrdal Bergmann awakened in the interest of racial discrimination, which eventually turned into an interest in sex discrimination, which Bergmann worked throughout his career.

In 1948, Barbara graduated from university with a bachelor`s degree. These were hard times - due to the economic downturn, discrimination against Jews and the gender segregation of labor it was difficult to find a job corresponding to its interests. Bergmann began to work for the government - it has found a place in the New York office of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which was engaged in a public hearing; a year later, she led her department. Personal experience of discrimination of black employees, it faces on a daily basis to the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed Barbara how extensive and widespread was the problem at the time. The only African American in the New York office of the Bureau was an employee named Harvey Purdy (Harvey Purdy), and when Barbara tried to move it, he was soon demoted, and then completely lost his job.

In 1959, Bergmann defended his doctoral dissertation at Harvard University (Harvard University) and expressed interest in computer modeling of the economy, suggesting that the economy should rather be based on studies and observations, than pure theory. Through its studies and lessons learned, Dr. Bergmann, came to the development of theories and ideas about government policies, the implementation of the observations in the economy and racial and gender equality.

When the Kennedy administration (Kennedy) Bergmann was a senior employee of the President`s Council of Economic Advisors and senior economic advisor at the Agency for International Development. She also bylasovetnikom Congressional Budget Office and the Census Bureau. In addition to public service, Bergmann also participated in the activities of many national and international organizations that promote equality and progress. Its elected Chairman of the Committee on Women economics profession of the American Economic Association (American Economic Association Committee on the Status of Women in Economic Professions) and president of the Eastern Economic Association (Eastern Economic Association), the Society for the Advancement of Social and Economic Sciences (Society for the Advancement of Socio-economics), the American Association of university professors (American Association of university professors) and the International organization for feminist economics (International organization for feminist economics).

In 2004, Barbara Bergmann as a shining example of successful women in the academic field, won Carolyn Shaw Bell (Carolyn Shaw Bell Award) for improving the status of women in the economy.

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